San Francisco Pays People to Be Homeless

The Democrat-run city of San Francisco is literally paying people to be homeless; the handouts of close to $1,000 are actually encouraging them to remain without homes.

A report telling the story of one “old-school junkie” living as a homeless man in San Francisco demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of radical progressivism.

Homeless Man Has Cell Phone’ with Netflix and Amazon Prime

According to a report published by the Daily Mail, a homeless person living in San Francisco gets $620 in cash per month, another $100 in food stamps, and a smartphone with Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions.

The story of “old-school junkie” James comes out of a book entitled “San Francisco” by Michael Shellenberger. This book focuses on the steeply deteriorating corruption, inequality, and homelessness in the woke city.

James revealed he moved from Texas to San Francisco because of the comfortable homelessness lifestyle it offers.

His main occupation is selling Narcan to drug addicts, a medication used to treat drug overdoses and prevent overdose deaths.

The “old-school junkie” also boasted as part of his homeless lifestyle in San Francisco, he enjoys streaming services – Amazon Prime and Netflix – on his “f—–g cell phone.”

Drug Dealers Don’t Get Arrested Anymore

What is probably the most shocking of all is the homeless man’s account about how local police are forced to tolerate various rampant crimes in San Francisco.

James claimed police officers are getting “paid with fentanyl” and not doing anything to bring to justice drug dealers who are foreign-born.

He retold conversations that he has had with cops, asking them why they wouldn’t arrest criminals dealing drugs next to them in broad daylight.

The cops told him that San Francisco “is a sanctuary city”, so when they put a drug dealer from Honduras in jail, the dealer gets released and is out on the streets again in two days.

After that, the homeless man supposedly benefiting from San Francisco’s pro-crime, communist system explained how he helps drug addicts, some as young as 15, by providing them with Narcan and teaching them not to take drugs alone.

He also shows them how to inject each other with Narcan, particularly to save each other’s lives when they overdose.

Part of James’ chilling account on the lawlessness in progressive-plagued San Francisco is how many drug addicts overdose on their own and their corpses are not discovered for days afterward.

The homeless man with a smart phone and streaming services emphasized in the interview that he could just immediately take the author to some of those dead bodies.

Estimates say there are about 8,000 homeless people living in the streets of San Francisco and a combined total of 30,000 homeless people in the five counties making up the Bay Area.