Russia’s Ruling Elite is Panicking, Seeking Peace With US Secretly From Putin

The ruling elite of Russia is panicking over the rapidly unfolding highly negative consequences of bloodthirsty tyrant Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

This is so much so that some of its representatives have reportedly started to secretly ask western powers for help in ending the war and achieving a peace settlement.

Panicking With Good Reason

In the nearly six months since the start of the botched invasion, Russia’s economy has begun to increasingly suffer from the effects of unprecedented western financial and economic sanctions.

The Russian elites, previously living lavishly around the globe on embezzled money, have now become the elites of the most vilified pariah state, and justifiably so.

Regardless of all of that, however, Putin seems to be insisting on staying the course and has shown no sign of yielding ground on whether the war could be ended without a categorical victory.

At the very least, Putin wants a negotiated settlement that would leave Russia’s hands untied to attack once again within two to ten years.

Since Joe Biden entered the White House, it appears the Russian autocrat has become convinced he could restore the former Soviet Union.

Putin still doesn’t seem to be getting the message, even as the United States and the rest of the West have been supplying Ukrainians with growing amounts of vastly superior military equipment while hammering the Russian economy.

Putin’s Inner Circle in ‘Panic Mood’

A report by British newspaper The Mirror reveals that a senior member of Putin’s inner circle made contact with the West, expressing a desire for negotiating a way out of Russia’s Ukrainian debacle and achieving a peace settlement.

The same document seen by The Mirror claims the mood of the ruling elite in the Kremlin “is panic,” as it is increasingly “alarmed” by the effects of the western sanctions.

There is no information hinting as to which member of Putin’s top elite may have gone behind his back to defy him.

However, the western intelligence document in question reportedly describes the rogue Putin ally as a person who is a “pillar” of the Russian dictatorship regime.

The report also cites a Ukrainian diplomatic source as saying top Russian officials going behind Putin’s back to negotiate with the West would come as no surprise.

The source reminded that the same thing happened in Nazi Germany towards the end of the Second World War.

At the same time, it is noted that any public declarations by Russian officials or oligarchs against Putin’s policies are likely to end very badly for them.

The most recent case in hand is the fate of 67-year-old Anatoly Chubais, one of Putin’s political mentors from the 1990s. He went into exile, but fell seriously ill in Italy after possibly having been poisoned by Russian intelligence.

At the same time, a number of senior executives of Russian state energy companies, such as Gazprom, seem to have died under mysterious circumstances since February 25, the second day of the war against Ukraine.