Russia’s Military Mocked For Giant Tank Losses, Ukrainians Deal Putin More Blows

The highly deficient capabilities of the Russian military have become the butt of jokes by the British Ministry of Defense.

Ukrainian defenders have blown up more Russian arms depots in the occupied Crimean Peninsula, wreaking more havoc on Moscow’s already chaotic war effort.

US-Supplied Rocket Artillery Has Been a Gamechanger

Eager to restore the former communist Soviet Union, almost six months ago, murderous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin sent 200,000 soldiers to invade and capture Ukraine within a matter of days.

Ukrainians, however, mounted a surprisingly effective and spirited defense, turning Putin’s easy invasion into a meat grinder for the Russian troops.

While Ukrainian defenders courageously stood their ground the entire duration of the invasion so far, they started to turn the tide of the war after getting the HIMARS missile artillery systems from the US.

This has allowed them to destroy dozens of Russian arms depots far behind the frontlines.

(Social media video snapshot via Ukraine Weapons Tracker on Twitter)

Putin’s Commanders Can’t Even ‘Enforce Low-Level Discipline’

The “poor performance” of the Russian military in Ukraine, in particular, the abysmal failure of the Russian tanks, has been ridiculed by the UK Ministry of Defense, The Daily Mail reported.

In a release, the leadership of the British military noted the lack of discipline and overall ineptitude of the Russian command.

The British military intelligence reported the Russians lost mind-blowing numbers of main battle tanks largely because those weren’t equipped with ERA (“explosive armor technology).”

This technology could reduce the efficiency of incoming projectiles, as long as it is used correctly.

The British observed Russia’s military does not seem to have “rectified” its culture of poor use of ERA that was observed during the First Chechen War back in 1994.

This is when the tiny Caucasus Muslim Republic of Chechnya fought for independence, inflicting severe losses on the Russians.

The British Ministry of Defense also concluded that “many” of Russia’s tank crews seem to “lack the training” that is needed to maintain ERA. This means it is either completely left off or there is poor fitting of explosives.

To top it all off, the report emphasized the invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s troops laid bare “numerous failures” on part of the Russian command to “enforce low-level discipline” in battle.

The failure in question is considered a major factor for the “poor performance” of the Russian forces.

Meanwhile, continuing Ukrainian missile strikes and/or sabotage and subversion operations over the past week have hit two military airfields in Crimea.

This is the Black Sea Peninsula first occupied by Putin in 2014, during Russia’s first and partial invasion of Ukraine.

This forced the Russian command to withdraw a total of 24 fighter jets and 14 military helicopters from the Black Sea peninsula.