Russia’s Military Crushed By Its Own ‘Strategic Incompetence’

(Social media footage snapshot of a destroyed Russian armored vehicle in Ukraine)

The current Russian war against Ukraine has stunned the West in major ways.

The Russian military is suffering severe, catastrophic losses, a development caused by Russia’s own “strategic incompetence,” according to Britain’s Defense Ministry.

Russian Incompetence Has Led to Mind-Blowing Losses

A statement by the UK Ministry of Defense declared in spite of the gigantic amounts of cash that Putin poured into the Russian armed forces over the past 15 years, Moscow has proven to be “strategically incompetent” to a huge degree.

As of Wednesday morning, according to Ukraine’s government, Russia lost in the past 24 hours alone more than 300 troops, as well as 15 tanks, 24 trucks and jeeps, 23 armored vehicles, 12 drones, two missile systems, and 16 artillery pieces.

The above numbers have stunned literally everybody as the ubiquitous, vile propaganda of the Putin regime convinced everyone that Russia’s military is so highly capable and invincible.

Seemingly duped by his own propaganda and his own subordinates, Putin ordered 200,000 troops to invade and crush Ukraine so it can be conquered for his neo-Soviet “Russian Empire 3.0.”.

Ukrainians showed mountains of bravery, combined with the unyielding will to resist and highly efficient, smart counter-invasion tactics.

The more they demonstrated this, the more the civilized world came to their aid, showering them with military aid, and slapping sanction after sanction on the Russian economy.

(chart by The Daily Mail)

Russian Military’s Most Debilitating Factor

According to the UK Ministry of Defense, however, the most debilitating factor for Russia’s abject military is Moscow’s shocking lack of strategic competence against the backdrop of tens of billions of dollars in annual defense spending.

More recently, in 2021, Russia’s defense budget was over $65 billion, or close to 4% of its GDP.

Regardless of the vast military spending, Russia has failed to “dominate Ukraine” because of its “poor strategy and execution.”

According to the UK government, about a quarter of Russia’s more than 120 “battalion tactical groups” deployed in Ukraine since the start of the war have become “ineffective” or destroyed.

Although that estimate might actually be far too conservative in Moscow’s favor.

It added that Russia’s flawed “strategic planning,” as well as “operational execution,” left its military incapable of using “numerical strength” to achieve any kind of a “decisive advantage” over the Ukrainians.

The British Defense Ministry says the end result has been the “significant weakening” of the Russian military by the botched invasion of Ukraine.

Considering the effects of the devastating western economic sanctions, Russia is likely going to need many years to rebuild the flawed military assets it has lost in Ukraine in less than three months.

Harrowing corruption and embezzlement in the Russian military appear to have also played a very big part, all the way down to the purchase of cheap, useless Chinese tyres.

That’s not even mentioning the political complications of the Putin regime itself, wherein the dictator has now become increasingly paranoid and an all-out dead-ender.