Russian Ultranationalists Harvest Ukrainian Skulls to Make Goblets

(Social media footage snapshot)

Russian extremists appear to be harvesting the skulls of killed Ukrainian soldiers.

A veteran who has fought in Putin’s atrocious war against Ukraine and is also a Russian ultranationalist campaigner spoke at a public event.

He was flaunting a skull he claims belonged to one of the heroic defenders of the Azovstal steelworks in the Ukrainian coastal city of Mariupol.

Russia Plans Sham ‘Nazi’ Trails of Ukrainian Defenders

It remains unclear when exactly the skull video was made.

It shows 36-year-old pro-Putin ultranationalist, ex-soldier Igor Mangushev, as he addresses and takes questions from a Russian audience about how Ukraine has got to be destroyed.

Mangushev claims to have personally killed the Ukrainian soldier whose skull he is showing in the video during the Russian attacks on Azovstal in Mariupol.

The defenders of Mariupol managed to hold out for some three months before they were told to surrender by the Ukrainian command in hope that they could be swapped for Russian POWs in Ukrainian captivity.

Mariupol remains deep in Russian-controlled territory and is now expected to become the scene of Putin’s sham “Nazi” trials of its heroic defenders.

(Social media photo)

Putin Ultranationalist Wants to Make Goblet Out of Ukrainian Defender’s Skull

At least one of the defenders of Mariupol appears to have had his skull removed and harvested for showcasing, fear-mongering, and/or other unknown purposes, as reported by The Daily Mail.

In the video, Mangushev speaks on a microphone and holds the skull in his right hand, flashing it around. He declares he and the people in the audience are alive, unlike the Ukrainian soldier whose skull he is holding. He then wishes the Ukrainian to “burn in hell.”

The Russian ultranationalist speaker then vows to have a goblet made out of the Ukrainian defender’s skull.

In his address, Mangushev claims to explain the reasons there could be no “reconciliation” with the Ukrainians and say Ukraine has to be “de-Ukrainianized” by Russia.

Holding the skull and waving it around, he argues Russia is not just fighting men of flesh and blood in Ukraine, but it is actually fighting ideas, and in particular, the idea that Ukraine can exist as an “anti-Russian state.”

Of course, accusations of “anti-Russian” sentiments and “Russophobia” is slapped by Putin and his propagandists on any other nation or person who does not wish to bow to Moscow’s will.

The only behavior the Russian empire has been deeming acceptable in its region for the past 200-300 years has been that of sheepish obedience. Anybody who doesn’t wish to be a slave to the Russians is immediately branded a “Russophobe.”

On his Telegram channel, he has been calling for genocide against the Ukrainians, the murder of Ukrainian adults, and the abduction of their children so they can be raised as “Russians.”