Putin Under Double Threat From Coup, Cancer Amid Ukraine War

Vladimir Putin has a very dark future. Various reports indicate he is struggling with cancer, while an inner circle coup is brewing and he may be deposed by August.

Tyrant of 22 Years Has Another Thing Coming

Putin’s regime in post-communist Russia has been heavily autocratic, practically since his coming to power as president of the Russian Federation back in 2000.

However, it became particularly gruesome over the past 15 years. Russia grew fat on petrodollar proceeds from its oil and natural gas exports.

In 2008, Putin attacked the small post-Soviet of Georgia. In 2014, he staged his first invasion of Ukraine; he seized Crimea in the Black Sea, simply because Ukrainians wanted to escape Moscow’s orbit and become part of the West.

In 2015, Putin sent his military to save fellow dictator Bashar al-Assad in Syria, committing harrowing war crimes. Then, on February 24, 2022, the Russian autocrat sent 200,000 troops to conquer all of Ukraine for him.

As Ukraine resisted valiantly, the Russian military has been taking one beating after another.

Russia’s humiliating military losses are coming against the backdrop of the growing western financial and economic sanctions which are yet to wreak havoc on the Russian economy.

The hardest hit by the sanctions have been no other than the Russian oligarchy elite, the very pillar propping up the Putin regime.

Because of Putin’s war, however, they have been robbed of much of their wealth and unable to enjoy their luxurious lifestyles in western nations, such as the UK, the US, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

Coup Forecast vis-à-vis Claims Putin Has Blood Cancer

According to Maj. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s main spy agency, it is precisely this elite that is now preparing a coup d’etat in Russia to depose Putin.

Budanov told British TV station, Sky News, he thinks it is very unlikely Putin will be dethroned by an inner circle coup by the end of August.

This would likely come after a potential “turning point” in the war in Ukraine that would see further defeats for the Russian troops over the summer.

Budanov indicated his understanding that once Putin gets deposed, the Russian invasion of Ukraine will be over by this fall.

More specifically, he forecasts the “breaking point” for the Russian invasion would occur in the second half of August.

The Ukrainian intelligence chief said that is bound to result in a “change of leadership” in Russia; he argued this process “has already been” set in motion.

Budanov insisted that as a result, Ukraine will restore all of its territories from 1991 when it became independent of the former Soviet Union.

The leaked recording is another piece of evidence about Putin’s seemingly bad health. On May 9, World War II Victory Day, the butcher of Ukraine was seen limping and clutching a blanket over his lap.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the doldrums, it remains to be seen whether the Russian tyrant will be eliminated by an inner circle coup or by his supposedly ill health.