Russian Troops Surrender in Droves as Putin Has Death Squads in Ukraine

(Snapshot from social media footage shows a 22-year-old Russian POW who surrendered to the Ukrainians)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is becoming bloodier, as Moscow has been revealed to have death squads shooting dead any soldier who wants to go home.

Putin Motivates Troops with Death Squads

Ukraine’s courageous leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on Saturday afternoon, revealed between 500 and 600 Russian soldiers surrendered to the Ukrainian forces earlier in the day.

Countless social media videos show captured Russian soldiers, as well as killed Russian servicemen, destroyed Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other military equipment.

As of Saturday morning, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry put the total Russian losses in the invasion so far at more than 12,000 killed soldiers, more than 80 attack helicopters, nearly 70 warplanes, close to 400 tanks, and over 1,000 armored personnel carriers.

The Ukrainian authorities withstanding Putin’s invasion have been releasing photographs and videos of captured Russian troops.

This is a move that has been criticized by human rights advocates as a violation of the POW treatment rules in the Geneva Convention on the rules of war.

However, it turns out the Moscow butcher has another way of keeping his soldiers fighting. There are special death squads behind the frontlines killing any Russian soldier opting to go home.

The horrifying prospect for the Russian troops of being shot dead by Putin’s death squads was revealed in detail by a captured Russian soldier in a video shared on social media by the Ukrainian armed forces.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows a 47-year-old Russian POW who surrendered to the Ukrainians)

Putin Arranged POWs Funerals Already

The video showed a 22-year-old Russian POW, whose name isn’t revealed.

The captured Russian soldier explained he had been told about the “deserter death squads,” tasked with shooting dead their own troops who may be unwilling to fight.

He and his colleagues weren’t allowed to go back; they were told directly they would be killed if they tried to return, which led them to surrender to the Ukrainians.

The Russian serviceman echoed comments made by other Russian soldiers caught by the Ukrainians who spoke out in videos. They said they wouldn’t be able to go back to Putin’s paradise after revealing their experience out of fear of reprisals and death.

Previously, a Russian soldier from a unit called “Second Motor Rifle Division” revealed the troops were afraid of getting shot dead by a firing squad if they were to go back to Russia.

This other soldier told a news conference in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Thursday if the Russian POWs are exchanged and given back to Putin’s regime, they would be shot dead.

He added any Russian servicemen who become POW are “considered dead”, and when he was allowed to call his parents in Russia, they told him his funeral “had already been arranged”.

Another Russian soldier from the same press conference revealed how he tried to protect Ukrainian civilians and was shot at by the other Russians.