Russian Soldiers Refusing to Fight in Ukraine Sent to Putin’s Torture Pits

(Photo by east2west news Telegram channel shows fighters from the Wagner Group in Ukraine)

Russian soldiers who refuse to go to the frontlines to fight the defenders of Ukraine are getting met with a horrible fate. They’re being sent to “torture pits,” a hellish invention of the Russian regime.

Putin’s ‘Special Military Operation’ Going to Hell

Amid attacks from Russia, valiant Ukrainian defenders have held their ground, fighting with incredible tenacity and efficiency.

They’ve also been aided with vastly superior western weapons, most recently the HIMARS rocket artillery systems supplied by the US.

Over the past three to four weeks, Ukrainians have been using the HIMARS to wreak havoc on the Russian positions, supply lines, ammunition depots, and command/control centers.

Presently, Ukrainians are gearing up to liberate the city of Kherson in the south, which would be a major propaganda blow to the Putin regime.

(Photo by east2west news Telegram channel shows fighters from the Wagner Group in Ukraine)

Horrifying Torture Center For Their Own

Against this backdrop, the Russian soldiers in Ukraine who refuse to go to the frontlines and fight for Putin’s sick imperialist dreams are either sent back into battle by force or sent to torture “facilities,” such as basements and garages, according to a report by The Insider.

Those torture chambers are located in the almost fully Russian-occupied Luhansk district in the Donbas region.

Such cases have occurred as the war now drags on past its five-month milestone. Contracted Russian soldiers who originally signed up to fight in Ukraine were told they would be fighting for three months, after which they could either resign altogether or take a leave.

Apparently, the struggling Russian military isn’t allowing them to do that.

According to one Russian soldier’s father, when the contracted troops declare they wish to resign or leave, they get arrested and sent to a detention center in Bryanka.

Those resisting the push to go back to the frontlines are reportedly getting thrown into crowded spaces where they are subjected to various kinds of torture and horrifying living conditions.

According to the soldiers’ father, the dissenters are kept in “pits and tortured,” as he cited information from troops who have already been detained there.

The man, who lost contact with his son on July 19 after the soldier wanted to resign and doesn’t know whether he is dead or alive, also said it would be better to “give your soul to God” than return to the frontline to fight.

He revealed that the horrendous detention and torture facility is being run by Putin’s most famous private army, the Wagner Group. This group is very well-known for committing various atrocities over the years.

Even so, the Wagner Group is believed to have lost at least 10,000 troops killed in battle in Ukraine so far.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.