Russian Propaganda: Four Nuke Missiles Will Wipe Out US East, West Coasts

(Video snapshot from Russia 1 state TV)

The propaganda of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s regime has vowed to destroy the entire East Coast of the United States with two nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles.

This comes in the latest barrage of vicious Russian nuclear war threats against America.

Crazy Rant Cites Number of Nukes to Destroy America’s Coasts

The nuclear war threats by Putin and his stooges are nothing new under the presidencies of Joe Biden, and his ex-boss, Barack Obama; both cowered and failed to respond in any meaningful way.

No such notable Russian threats were made during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Trump revealed he made it clear to Putin the US would vaporize Moscow (and all of Russia) from the world map, at the slightest Russian attempt to menace America with nukes.

What is new about the latest Russian nuclear threat against the United States is the mouthpiece that delivered it.

That was Putin’s puppet parliament member Alexey Zhuravlev. He was particularly precise in claiming just four Russian nuclear missiles in total would be needed to destroy both the East Coast and the West Coast.

The Russian propagandist once again shyly disregarded what would happen to his beloved motherland rotting with corruption if it fires even a single nuke America’s way.

In the best-case scenario for Russia, it is going to trigger MAD (“Mutually Assured Destruction”) that will destroy both powers and all of humanity.

In the worst-case scenario for Moscow, America’s superior military technology will help it survive somewhat unscathed, while Russia will be completely gone.

The latter possibility is certainly not implausible, considering the level of technical weakness and failure constantly exhibited by the Russian military in the Ukraine war.

(Video snapshot from Russia 1 state TV)

Putin Nazis Want to Exterminate Millions of Ukrainians

Speaking earlier this week on one of the main political talk shows of the Russian state television stations, Zhuravlev ranted about how “nothing will be left” of the East Coast if Moscow was to fire its two Sarmat-2 nuclear missiles, also known as Satan-2.

Zhuravlev then went on to demonstrate the vicious Nazi-communist nature of the Putin regime by arguing two million Ukrainians need to be exterminated so the rest of the citizens of Ukraine will be docile to Russia.

The propagandist argued two million is the exact number of the “incurable Nazis” in Ukraine, while the rest of the 45-million Ukrainian population could be brainwashed into favoring Russia.

Zhuravlev ridiculed an article by CBS News from April. This article sought to imagine the effect on New York City if a single, Hiroshima-type nuke was detonated on Manhattan.

The Putin propagandist laughed off the article as showing too tiny damages. He argued Americans seem to be “deluding” themselves about the might of Russian nuclear weapons.

In a nice change of pace, however, Zhuravlev did modestly admit in the event of a nuclear war “nobody will be fine,” a shy confession that Russia would be obliterated by America’s response.