Russian Missiles Land Close to Biden as Putin Sends Him Bellicose Message

(Snapshot from social media footage shows Biden with Ukrainian refugee children in Poland)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin clearly sent a chilling message to Democrat President Joe Biden on Saturday.

Russian missiles exploded in Western Ukraine, only 245 miles away from a refugee camp in Poland that Biden was visiting.

Putin’s missile strike near Biden is the latest episode of great power escalation, amid the ongoing Russian war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a fuming Putin has set a “Victory Day” date pretty soon.

The Closest Sleepy Joe Came to the War in Ukraine

At least three Russian missiles exploded on Saturday afternoon local time in Lviv, about 40 miles away from the border of Poland, a key US ally and a NATO member.

Right at that time, Sleepy Joe was visiting a camp for Ukrainian refugees exactly 245 miles away.

Two Russian missiles hit a fuel depot outside Lviv at about 4:30 pm local time on Saturday, followed by a third missile that slammed in the same target slightly later, according to Maksym Kozytskyy, the Regional Governor of Lviv.

Kozytskyy revealed five people were wounded in the Russian missile strike, and the residents of the city had been told to hide in bomb shelters.

Andriy Savodiy, the Lviv mayor, said online the latest Russian missile strike hadn’t hit any residential buildings this time.

Social media footage and photos from Lviv showed an enormous fireball and clouds of black smoke above the rooftops in a residential quarter in the northeastern part of the city, near the attacked fuel depot.

In many cases, the Russians have been launching missile and air strikes on Ukrainian targets at night.

This time the attack came in the afternoon, meaning it was clearly tailored to coincide with falling rather close to Joe Biden during his refugee camp visit.

(Social media footage snapshot shows the Russian missile strike in Lviv, western Ukraine)

‘Personal Insults’ ‘Narrow’ Opportunities for Putin Deals

It remains unclear whether the missile strike on Lviv near Poland was motivated by Biden’s description of Putin as a “butcher” because of the war in Ukraine.

In the meantime, Dmitry Peskov, the loyal Putin stooge serving as his press secretary, lambasted Biden for calling the Moscow tyrant a “butcher”.

Peskov argued that “such personal insults” don’t contribute to bilateral cooperation prospects, and “narrow the window of opportunity” for US-Russian deals under the Biden administration.

Later on Saturday night, in a speech in Warsaw, Biden made probably his biggest gaffe yet.

The sitting US president openly called for regime change in Russia, precisely the thing which Putin has been worried since 2011, by saying that “this man” can’t be allowed to “remain in power.”

If that comment had come earlier, it remains unknown whether Putin would have had his missiles that hit Lviv pointed some 300 miles further west.