Russian Conscripts Forced to Fight in Ukraine with 19th Century Rifles

(Snapshot from social media video shows the Mosin rifle of a Russian consprt in Donbass, designed in 1891)

At least some of the young Russian conscripts sent to fight Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin’s bloody war in Ukraine have totally inadequate weapons and supplies.

They are being forced to go to war with rifles developed in the 19th century and drink water from ponds and puddles.

Russian Proxies Mobilized at Putin’s Orders

This is according to a report cited by The Daily Mail, which quotes accounts from six different Russian conscripts in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine.

The highly spirited defense of the Ukrainians and the terrible logistics of the Russians have led to devastating losses for Putin’s hordes in terms of both manpower and military equipment.

Thus, as of Monday morning, more than 18,500 Russian troops have been killed in the war, according to the latest estimate published by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

As Russians have been badly defeated in the battle for Kyiv, they have recently withdrawn, exposing to the world terrifying sights of war crimes and acts of genocide they committed in Kyiv’s suburbs, such as the town of Bucha.

(Snapshot from social media shows Donbass Russian proxy troops in Ukraine)

Putin Resorts to 1891 Russian Empire Rifle

According to the report citing six different Russian conscripts in the Donbass region, they are armed with Mosin rifles, the kind of rifle developed by the former Russian Empire in 1891, in the aftermath of the Russian wars with the Ottoman Turks.

The same rifle was widely used in World War II by the troops of the then-Communist Soviet Union, and before that in World War I, also, by the troops of the faltering Russian Empire.

The accounts of the ethnic Russian conscripts in Donbass to defend Putin’s secret wealth of $200 billion reveal how they have had little or no training whatsoever; many of them were only drafted in February.

The young soldiers, whose accounts reveal a lack of food and drinking water, say they don’t know how to fire automatic weapons.

One of the soldiers was conscripted in late February, sent to fight the Ukrainians, and got wounded in battle, but survived.

Now, Putin is widely considered to be in desperate need of more soldiers to throw in the war hell in Ukraine.

However, he isn’t launching a full-fledged mobilization in Russia, fearing the public reaction to what he has banned people from calling a “war.”

Instead, according to Ukrainian military experts, Putin has been trying to carry out “covert” mobilization by quietly summing up reservists to fight.

He is believed to be calling in 60,000 Russian reservists. There is also the annual spring draft of 134,500. Those conscripts are completely untrained.

However, Putin previously lied and said he was not using conscripts, only professional soldiers, in his despicable war in Ukraine.