Russia Threatens West as US ‘Javelins’ Come to Ukraine’s Aid

Russia has issued a new grave threat against the West. This has come out of the mouth of Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, as Vladimir Putin has been amassing troops around Ukraine.

Russia Becomes More Brazen Over Its Impossible Demands

Sensing the foreign policy weakness of Biden, in December 2021, Russia issued an unprecedented ultimatum to the US and NATO, demanding to be handed back the former Soviet Union’s occupation zone and sphere of control in all of Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

The impossible demands have been rejected in talks by Western diplomats, which seems to have infuriated the Putin regime in Moscow. On Wednesday, Putin’s Foreign Minister Lavrov issued the somewhat veiled, but seemingly grave threat.

Lavrov declared in a statement that “if we do not” get the answer that Putin wants from the West regarding “our security demands”, Russia is going to “take appropriate measures.”

The new threat from Russia came after comments by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba, that Ukraine is fully “behind” America in the negotiations with Moscow.

He made it clear the Ukrainian leadership approved a “list of actions” the United States plans to take in order to avoid a Russian war against Ukraine.

Putin has been implicitly threatening an invasion of Ukraine since early 2021; the response on the part of Biden has been boiling down to appeasement. Only in the past few days, the Biden administration adopted a somewhat firmer tone.

Javelins to Make Invasion Costly for Putin

Meanwhile, on Tuesday night, Ukraine received the third shipment of US military aid as part of a $200 million package approved by the Biden administration.

The 80-ton shipment in question is worth $50 million, and contains a total of 300 top-notch US-made “Javelin” missiles, the Daily Mail reported. Other arms include grenade launchers, ammunition, and non-lethal weapons systems.

The US-made Javelins are about the most powerful anti-tank weapons in existence, although they can also be used to shatter buildings or other assets.

They utilize infrared technology that locks targets, flies up to 500 feet, and then comes slamming down on top of the targeted tank, as tank armor is weakest on top.

This isn’t the first shipment of US Javelins delivered to Ukraine; the previous time was under the Trump administration.

Besides the Javelins, the US has also supplied the Ukrainians with some Stinger missiles, which use a technology similar to that of the Javelins, but are designed to target helicopters and other aircraft.

The consensus is that Javelins and the other arms arriving in Ukraine from the US, the UK, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have no way of changing the strategic outcome in Ukraine’s favor if Putin decides to unleash his full military might against it.

However, if used properly, these weapons can make a potential invasion highly costly for Russia and the Putin regime.

Moscow has reportedly amassed about 127,000 troops together with tanks and other equipment and can attack Ukraine from three sides.