Russia Moves Harrowing Night Corpse Convoys from Putin’s Ukraine War

(Snapshot from social media footage shows military ambulances in Belarus marked with the Russian invaders' "V" sign

Train convoys loaded with the corpses of thousands of Russian soldiers killed in Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine were spotted in Belarus, a Russian puppet nation.

These dead bodies were being shipped in the dead of night to the families of the casualties back in Russia.

A large number of corpses were described as causing shock and horror among those in Belarus who have seen them, according to a report by Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe.

Thousands of Corpses Moved ‘in Secret’

According to the report, the Russians are bringing their killed soldiers from Northern Ukraine to Belarus.

However, this entire operation is being performed “in secret” by the Russian regime, in the “dead of night,” to avoid any publicity. Publicity might shatter any credibility and legitimacy that Putin’s rule has in Russia.

The report is based on the testimonies of locals in the Belarusian city of Homel (Gomel), who reveal the corpses are brought out of Ukraine by buses and trucks. In Homel, they are loaded on trains or airplanes to Russia, although sometimes not immediately.

This means Russia’s killed and wounded in the other theaters are likely being brought to Russia, not to Belarus, and to the respective Russian cities and facilities closest to the Ukrainian border.

Videos in the report show military ambulances driving during the night in Homel at the beginning of March, presumably bringing in huge numbers of Russian soldiers wounded in Ukraine.

The ambulances are marked with the painted large white letter “V”, the same sign seen on Russian military vehicles in Northern Ukraine, as opposed to “Z”, which is painted on most other Russian military equipment in the invasion.

According to the medical staff in Homel, the morgues have literally been “overflowing” with Russian corpses.

‘Impossible to Listen’ to Wounded Russians’ Moans

A resident of Homel is cited as describing how passengers at the train station in Mazyr were terrified to witness a huge number of corpses being loaded onto a Russia-bound train.

As some began shooting videos, they were caught by the Belarusian military and ordered to delete their footage.

According to a doctor from the main hospital in Mazyr, the region doesn’t have enough surgeons to handle the massive number of wounded Russians.

There are claims that on March 1, so many wounded Russian soldiers were brought to the hospital in Mazyr the doctors were forced to discharge Belarusian patients in order to make room for them.

A local resident who was treated at the time in the hospital said “it’s just a horror” how many wounded Russians were there.

He added many of them were “terribly disfigured” and it was just “impossible to hear their moans” in the entire hospital.