Russia Kills 40 Ukrainians in Latest War Crime ‘For Our Children’  

(Social media photo shows the aftermath of the missile strike in Kramatorsk)

The Russian military has committed a brand-new, horrifying war crime.

They killed at least 39 civilians with a missile strike on a railway station, with the missile itself bearing the inscription “For Our Children.”

This is a sickening display of Russia’s evil and twisted propaganda lies against everything that is good and pure.

Striking Civilians Trying to Evacuate

Acting upon the orders of bloody dictator Putin, the Russian military invaded Ukraine, a democratic, peace-loving nation of 45 million people, on February 24.

The most terrifying images of Russian atrocities so far have come out of the town of Bucha, a northwestern suburb of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Putin’s utterly brutal troops have ramped up their war crimes, and the Russian command is now transferring all forces it can muster to the Donbas region in southeast and eastern Ukraine.

There, at least one giant World War II-style ground battle is expected to take place in the upcoming two or three weeks, which may determine the outcome of Putin’s atrocious war.

Initial reports by Ukrainian government agencies on social media said at least 39 civilians got killed, while at least 87 were wounded as a result of Friday’s strike.

(Social media photo shows the remnants of the missile in Kramatorsk)

Putin’s Brutes Are Killing Children ‘For the Children’

At least four of those killed are reported to be children, but the number of those confirmed dead or wounded is expected to rise, as rescue units rushed to the site of the Russian missile attack.

To make Russia’s latest war crime in Ukraine even more nauseating, on a missile’s casing, there is a clearly visible message in Russian, reading, “For [our] children”.

The utterly dumb and inhuman practice of Russians writing “revenge messages” on their missiles and bombs is nothing new.

They did it aplenty in Putin’s devastating involvement in the Civil War in Syria where his troops rescued the regime of fellow murderous dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

Back then, the Russians wrote “For Paris”, “For Moscow”, and so on, on their bombs – supposedly destined to kill Islamist terrorists.

Except, in many cases, the Russian bombs and missiles ended up doing exactly the same in Syria as in today in Ukraine: namely, destroying hospitals, homes, and orphanages in any-Assad areas of the country such as Aleppo, in obvious war crimes.

According to Kramatorsk Mayor Oleksander Honcharenko, some 4,000 local civilians were at the train station when the Russian missile hit it.

Ukraine’s brave President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a video statement, confirming the report about the Russian missile strike in Kramatorsk.

He also declared that Putin’s troops are “cynically destroying the Ukrainian civilian population.”

Saying that is an “evil” knowing “no limits”, Zelenskyy warned it has to be punished or else it would never stop.