Russia Goes Fully Pathetic, Vowing to Turn America into ‘Radioactive Crater’

(TV snapshot shows Russia's new ICBM Sarmat-2, also known as Satan-2)

Failing miserably to prevail over plucky Ukraine, Russia has demonstrated utterly pathetic desperation.

One of its top officials threatened Moscow would turn the United States and its allies into “radioactive craters.” Its top propagandists warned in turn that it will be either a victory for the Russians or death for all humanity.

West No Longer Scared of Russia’s Nuclear Bluffs

Moscow tyrant Vladimir Putin and his top officials/propagandists have been resorting routinely to nuclear war threats against America. They have no other arguments and/or achievements compared to western civilization.

The only “asset” Russia has is its large nuclear arsenal left over from the former Soviet Union.

Any potential nuclear attack on the United States or the NATO alliance is going to be met in kind, which would likely result in MAD (mutually assured destruction).

A potential “tactical” use by Moscow of one or several nukes against Ukraine is going to be met with a severe western response.

Recently, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hinted Britain may act to carry out a nuclear strike against Russia, even without America’s and NATO’s support, if Putin detonates even a single nuclear warhead in Ukraine or elsewhere.

‘Very Large and Deep Radioactive Craters’

The latest vicious, pathetic nuclear war threat against America has come from Dmitry Rogozin, one of the most hawkish high-profile apparatchiks of the Putin regime.

Rogozin announced by this fall, Russia is going to deploy 50 “brand-new” intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) of the recently developed Sarmat-2 type, also known by the hellish name Satan.

Rogozin boasted the new missiles weigh 208 metric tons and are as tall as a 14-story building.

He argued Russia’s enemies, such as the United States and its NATO allies, will have to “talk more politely” since the Sarmat-2 ICMBs will be able to turn those “enemies” into “radioactive craters.”

The Putin loyalist accused the US-led NATO alliance of waging undeclared war on Russia and bragged NATO countries would be destroyed by Moscow in about half an hour.

He shyly omitted the fact that in the event of MAD, his beloved Russia would be completely wiped off the face of the planet.

(Video snapshot shows the top international propagandist of the Putin regime, RT chief editor Margarita Simonyan)

‘Simply Impossible’ for Russia to Lose

Margarita Simonyan, the editor-in-chief of the Kremlin’s English-language TV station RT, has been spewing disgusting, anti-Western propaganda.

According to Simonyan, if Russia loses “the war,” things will end badly for humanity.

The repulsive propagandist argued a scenario in which the West wins and Russia loses is “simply impossible” because if Russia doesn’t win, it would want to send the entire world to hell.

At the same time, Simonyan contradicted herself by insisting the current state of affairs of indirect animosity between Russia and the West “is forever.”

She claimed there will be no more Russians studying in western countries and Russian society ought to be thankful for that.