Russia Denies Attacking Ukraine, Putin Regime Slams ‘Pathetic Crying’ Over War Crimes

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov just denied Russia invaded Ukraine, never mind Moscow’s large, but seemingly incompetent, military which has been mauling its democratic, pro-Western neighbor for 15 days now.

Latest Barrage of Outrageous Russian Lies

Russia’s top diplomat dismissed the global indignation over the Russian military’s atrocious bombing of a maternity hospital in Ukraine’s Mariupol as “pathetic crying.”

Lavrov spoke on Thursday after he met with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmitro Kuleba.

This is the most high-profile Russia-Ukraine meeting since Putin ordered his military hordes to storm Ukraine from three sides, with little success due to the valiant, unyielding resistance of the Ukrainian defenders.

Lavrov, one of Putin’s most loyal lackeys, kept insisting the Russian troops are just performing “special operations” on the territory of Ukraine.

One of Lavrov’s most disgusting accusations against Ukraine was the Ukrainian defenders are using civilians as “human shields”.

The Entire World Knows Putin’s Regime is Lying

Putin’s first diplomat also lied shamelessly, as cited by The Daily Mail, that the Russian troops are operating safe passage corridors for humanitarian evacuation.

Meanwhile, Russians have been lying and violating the ceasefires by shooting and bombing to kill those very civilians.

The city of Mariupol alone has seen no fewer than 1,200 civilian deaths already. It is resorting to burying the deceased in a mass grave, simply because Putin’s constant shelling and bombardment is preventing proper burials.

In his outrageous comments in Turkey on Thursday, the Russian Foreign Minister rejected all global media reports about “the so-called atrocities” of the Russian military.

Without giving any evidence, he claimed Ukrainian “nationalists” removed the women and children from the bombed maternity hospital in Mariupol, and have been using it in order to shoot back at the Russian invaders.

Lavrov also fumed that the US and NATO are supplying weapons to Ukrainians so the latter can defend themselves against Putin’s murderous hordes.

In contrast to Lavrov’s lowly behavior and lies, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba declared after the failed negotiations that his nation hasn’t surrendered to Putin’s aggression, and isn’t going to surrender.

He blasted Lavrov for parroting the “traditional” Putin propaganda narratives in which Ukraine and the West are “evil Nazis,” thirsty for Russian bloody, while Putin is the messiah of humanity.

Never mind the entire world knows the truth about Russian aggression and militancy, as well as Putin’s crimes against humanity and war crimes committed not only now in Ukraine, but for the last few years in Syria, as well.

The latest lies of Foreign Minister Lavrov came against the backdrop of another Ukrainian military win. On Thursday morning, Ukraine’s defenders ambushed and wiped out an entire Russian tank column trying to attack the capital Kyiv from the east in a pincer move.