Republican States Lead in Freedom, Fiscal Realms, and More

For nearly two years now, Americans have gotten to see the very significant differences between Republican-led states and Democrat-led states. After all, Florida and California are worlds apart, as are South Dakota and Oregon.

Republican leaders have overwhelmingly chosen to handle COVID in a strategic manner, while still upholding the innate freedoms of Americans. Meanwhile, Democrat leaders are trampling all over their residents’ rights in the name of this virus.

As 2021 arrives at a close, there is more data coming out showing the massive contrasts in red states vs. blue states. As The Blaze reports, Republican states are currently leading in freedom, fiscal realms, and other positive brackets.

A Very Telling Report from The Cato Institute

This month, The Cato Institute released a report in regards to American freedom. This report specifically centered around the ways in which various states across the country promote freedom in fiscal, individual, and regulatory regards.

Eight out of the ten freest states are run by Republican governors. Meanwhile, eight in ten of the least free states are run by Democrat governors. The report shows that in virtually all cases, Republican states are leading in various brackets of freedom while Democrat-led states are behind.

Quite frankly, this is very much in keeping with the policies Americans have seen from Republicans and Democrats. Leftist states have the most lockdowns, medical mandates, etc. Meanwhile, GOP-led states are largely open and available for people to live their lives.

The Cato Institute’s report simply confirms what many Americans have already known. The contrast between red states and blue states is growing increasingly more obvious and harder to deny.

Important Decisions for Americans to Make

At this point in time, citizens of the United States have some critical choices they’re going to have to sit down and think about, if they haven’t already.

Americans will have to consider whether or not they’re comfortable living in blue states where they’re unable to enter indoor spaces without a vaccine passport.

Likewise, people will also need to think about whether or not relocating to a red state is in the best interest of themselves and their families.

As time passes, the contrast between states led by Republicans and states led by Democrats will only get more pronounced. Folks who live in New York might as well be in a different world from people who reside in Florida.

All in all, it comes down to how much each American values freedom and whether or not they wish to be in communities that appreciate the liberties this nation was founded upon as well.

What do you make of the report from The Cato Institute showing that red states are overwhelmingly the best defenders of freedom?