Putin’s War Blows Up in Russia’s Face as Key Nation Decides to Join NATO

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine just literally exploded in the faces of Russians.

Finland, a key nation in Northern Europe, officially decided to abandon its neutral status and join the US-led NATO alliance.

Putin Set to Service Russia with 800-Mile New Border

Finland’s no less important neighbor, Sweden, is expected to follow suit shortly in an even stronger blow to Putin’s Russia.

One of the main factors making Finland one of the most important countries in European geopolitics is the fact it shares an 800-mile-long border with Russia.

While it is a prosperous western democracy, Finland spent the entire Cold War between the United States and the former Soviet Union being neutral and staying away from the NATO alliance.

That was because of an ultimatum by the Soviets that it would be conquered if it wanted to formalize its western status.

The policy of technology neutrality in question – known as “Finlandization” – continued even after the end of the Cold War, up until early 2022 when, on February 24, Putin started the war in Ukraine.

Putin and his propaganda stooges have been crying bloody murder over Ukraine’s desire to join NATO.

While NATO is purely defensive, the effect of Finland joining NATO on Russia’s geopolitical exposure to the West is basically the same as though Ukraine had been allowed to join.

(Finnish government handout photo shows Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s announcement in favor of NATO membership)

“Russia, Go Look in the Mirror”

Speaking in a joint news conference on Thursday, Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin and President Sauli Niinisto officially announced the nation is now seeking to join the American-led pact “without delay.”

The Finnish President was particularly outspoken when asked by reporters what he would say to Moscow when Russians react with fury. Niinisto said he would tell Russia to “look in the mirror” because it “caused this.”

In their joint statement, Niinisto and Marin declared NATO is going to bolster Finland’s security, but Finland itself is also going to strengthen the alliance.

Sweden, another western nation that has been neutral vis-à-vis Russia, is also expected to announce a similar desire to join NATO within the coming days.

Speaking before reporters in Washington, DC, Joe Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, declared America is going to support Finland and Sweden’s accession to NATO.

Psaki also said, “President Putin caused this” by virtue of his war in Ukraine.

Finland’s announcement certainly sent the Russians fuming, with the highest-ranking reaction coming from Vladimir Chizhov, the Russian ambassador to the European Union.

The Putin apparatchik told Sky News that Russia is certainly going to react by heavily fortifying its border with Finland.

In recent weeks, there were reports that Russia is sending to the Finnish border some short-range ballistic missiles the Putin regime managed to spare from the war in Ukraine.