Putin’s Ukraine War Propaganda Bombed on Live TV by Plucky News Editor

(Snapshot from Russia's Channel One state TV showing the brave news editor expose Putin's war in Ukraine)

In an act of incredible bravery, a news editor in Russia’s most-watched TV station and the main channel of dictator Vladimir Putin’s propaganda “photobombed” the live broadcast with a poster against the atrocious war in Ukraine.

Smidgen of Truth in a Barrage of Lies

Just like the rest of Putin’s vast propaganda machine in Russia, Channel One (“Pervyi Kanal”) has been a cesspool of lies, about everything: the West, the situation in Russia, the war in Ukraine, and so on.

The constant eruption of lies of Putin’s “mass media” stooges was interrupted on Monday night by a young woman who emerged behind the back of the news anchor with an anti-war sign.

The sign had a big “NO [to] WAR” written in English, followed by an inscription in Russian, saying, “Stop the War, Don’t Believe Propaganda, They Are Lying to You Here”.

Shortly after the anti-war “photobombing” of Russia’s top propaganda outlet, it emerged the courageous protester is news editor Marina Ovsyannikova.

Reports quickly followed on social media that Ovsyannikova got arrested immediately, and now faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

According to Dmitry Zakhvatov, her lawyer cited by CNN, he is unable to find and get in touch with his client, even though she is believed to have been held at the Ostankino police station in Moscow.

(Snapshot from Russia’s Channel One state TV showing the brave news editor expose Putin’s war in Ukraine)

Regrets Helping the Kremlin ‘Zombify’ the Russian People

In the video, Ovsyannikova says her father is Ukrainian. She is ashamed of all the lies of the Kremlin she has been peddling over the years as a news editor at Russia’s Channel One.

She stated also the war in Ukraine is “a crime” and “the aggressor” is Russia.

The brave news editor admitted she has “been doing Kremlin propaganda” as she “unfortunately” worked for Channel One for several years.

She made it clear how much she regrets allowing anchors to lie to the Russian public from the TV screen.

Ovsyannikova lamented that she and other Russians didn’t act when Putin first invaded Ukraine back in 2014, seized the Crimean Peninsula, and started the insurgency in Donbas.

In her video, Ovsyannikova, who is a mother of two, said Russia “silently watched” as Putin’s “inhuman regime” grew stronger and stronger.

Now, the entire world has turned against her country – so much so that even “ten generations” will not be able to wash the shame from the “fratricidal war” against the Ukrainians.

Unfortunately, she is now jailed; it remains unclear what the regime might do or might have already done to her.

Recent reports said more than 14,000 protesters have been arrested across Russia for protesting against the war since Putin’s monstrous “military operation” in Ukraine began 20 days ago.

Ovsyannikova’s courageous act of defiance of tyranny earned her praise from Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the heroic president of Ukraine who has been leading his nation’s fight for freedom against the Russian war machine.

He urged other Russians to follow the news editor’s example and save their country from the Putin regime.