Putin’s Top Brass Aware Russia Lost War in Ukraine, Coup Brewing

Atrocious Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s war of conquest and aggression against Ukraine has already been lost by Moscow.

His top officials are well aware, which makes a coup d’etat a highly realistic scenario, according to an expert on the Russian regime and its intelligence/espionage services.

Gravity of Russia’s Situation Known to Top Intelligence

Most notably, the top brass of Russia’s two most important intelligence agency – FSB and GRU – realize Putin has lost the invasion war against Ukraine.

As of Friday morning, the latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense says more than 28,700 Russian soldiers have been killed in action, with thousands more wounded.

Against this backdrop, Russia expert Christo Grozev now forecast an anti-Putin coup to be “a realistic possibility.”

(Social media video snapshot shows a Russian tank in Donbass destroyed by Ukrainian artillery fire)

Anti-Putin Palace Coup is Brewing

Grozev said the elites in question are striving to get their families and money out of Russia, which means they anticipate Putin’s thunderous downfall.

The expert told Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe that a potential order by Putin to use nuclear weapons – whether against the West or against Ukraine – could be a key factor that would trigger a palace coup to topple him.

Grozev cautioned the Russian dictator would give an order for a nuclear strike only if he is fully confident all along the chain of command in the Russian military would carry out such an order.

So far, however, Putin is abstaining from that reckless move, likely because he fears it might now be executed; it might also trigger a coup and even lead to his physical death.

The expert believes the Russian autocrat is using the same rationale to avoid declaring a full mobilization in Russia. While an all-out mobilization could allow him to throw more troops in the Ukrainian invasion, it could also spark a revolution.

Grozev notes the ruling elite of the Putin regime understands that as well. They may act to topple Putin in order to break an all-out revolution that could sweep all of them.

He argued the Russian military intelligence, GRU, is already preparing for “life after Putin.” Meanwhile, the FSB is fully aware of the actual losses of Russia on the ground in Ukraine, and their impact within Russia.

These groups are aware “the situation” is eventually going to “get out of hand” for Russia. They are already betraying the Kremlin’s ideological orders, which could mean the days of the Putin regime are numbered.

The hypotheses about an upcoming anti-Putin coup in Moscow have recently been running alongside reports the Russian tyrant is facing a double threat to his rule and life, as he is severely ill with cancer and/or Parkinson’s disease.

Meanwhile, an assessment of the British intelligence said the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been hurt severely by the internal “culture” of “cover-ups and scapegoating.”

This tremendously decreased the once much-touted power of the Russian military.