Russia Resorts to Weaponized Dolphins to Fight Ukraine War

(Russian military dolphin carrying a bomb - via The Daily Mail)

Russia’s bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin and his overrated military have been failing for more than two months now to defeat Ukraine.

However, they are at least making eye-catching global headlines with their bizarre oddities.

Putin Regime Utilizes Soviet-Era ‘Military-Grade’ Dolphins

The Russians have apparently deployed “military dolphins” against the Ukrainians in the Black Sea.

Satellite images released by the US Naval Institute on Wednesday showed Russia appears to have deployed in the Black Sea dolphins trained for military missions when Putin started the current invasion of Ukraine back on February 24.

The images reveal the Russians moved dolphin pens to the gates of the harbor of Sevastopol, which hosts a large base of the Russian Navy, The Daily Mail reported.

Evidently, in the two months of failing Russian attacks against Ukraine so far, the Putin military has been using dolphins for “operations to counter enemy divers.”

This is guarding the port of Sevastopol; although it remains unclear whether Ukrainians have even been able to launch any such “enemy divers” at all.

Dolphins Haven’t Helped Putin So Far

Ukraine’s vastly inferior Navy in the Black Sea and the Azov Sea got wiped out or pushed into its ports at the start of the Russian invasion.

Nonetheless, Ukrainians have managed to pull off at least two major naval victories by striking Russian vessels with missiles from the coast and utterly humiliating Putin’s navy.

Naturally, the military-grade dolphins don’t seem to have helped the Russians prevent any of those losses.

However, their deployment around the tip of the Crimean Peninsula appears to be certain, perhaps for the first time ever, in such a high-intensity, large-scale war.

It does remain theoretically conceivable that Ukrainians could try to send “saboteur divers” to carry out diversions against Russian naval facilities in Crimea, since the anti-ship missiles available in Ukraine cannot reach Sevastopol.

In the meantime, in marked contrast to the military use of the weaponized Black Sea dolphins by the Russians, Ukrainians carried out a rescue operation.

In this mission, dolphins were moved from the oceanarium in Kharkiv to the safety of a similar facility in Odesa, about 600 miles away.

Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city is close to the border with Russia. It has been attacked relentlessly. Therefore, the Ukrainians evacuated all zoo animals there at the first chance.

Odessa, in the southwest, is the third-largest city in the country, a Black Seaport, which has been bracing for a Russian landing since the beginning of the war, but has so far remained unreachable for Putin’s brutes.

As of Thursday morning, close to 23,000 Russian soldiers have been killed. On top of this, some 5,500 units of Russian military equipment were destroyed by the Ukrainian defenders, as per Ukrainian government data.