Russia Resorts to 60-Year-Old Tanks, Abducting Own Men to Fight Ukraine War  

(Social media footage snapshot shows long lines of 1960s rusty Soviet tanks deployed by desperate Russia to Ukraine)

The regime of murderous Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin is projecting desperation with respect to its invasion of Ukraine.

It is abducting Russian citizens, sending them to the front lines, and pulling out of storage rusty Communist Soviet battle tanks constructed 61 years ago.

Russian Military on Its Last Leg

The already three-month-long war in Ukraine has exposed the shocking flaws of the Russian military.

There have been earlier reports of stunning, bizarre war efforts on part of Putin’s troops. These include the arming of Russian conscripts with rifles developed in 1891 and used in World War I and World War II.

More mind-blowing absurdities are emerging out of the Russian military as Putin’s brutes are having their a**** handed to them by the plucky defenders of Ukraine.

For the time being, Ukrainians are managing to keep their ground. Russians appear clearly in a hurry to score some kind of a win as Moscow’s reserves of military hardware are running out.

While Putin’s regime has an “infinite pool” of fighting-age men to recruit, the loss of the equipment has been far more concerning to Moscow.

Meanwhile, Putin has been unwilling to explicitly declare war on Ukraine and introduce a full draft, leaving Russian military authorities to carry out a so called “covert mobilization.”

There have also been reports of groups or even entire units of soldiers refusing to fight.

(Putin (center) and Ramzan Kadyrov (right) seen together in 2015)

Abducting Chechens as ‘Cannon Fodder’ in Ukraine

Apparently, one of the ways to replenish the Russian forces in Ukraine is to literally kidnap military-age males and send them to the frontlines.

The shocking practice appears to be in progress in Chechnya, an ethnic Chechen Muslim autonomous Russian republic in the Caucasus. It is ruled by Ramzan Kadyrov, a social-media-active warlord who is highly loyal and personally close to Putin.

The abductions of men in Chechnya to force them to fight in Ukraine have been revealed in a statement by 1Adat, a Russian human rights group focusing on corruption and human rights abuses in the Chechen republic.

Those kidnapped are forced to sign papers that they are volunteering to fight in Ukraine. If they dare to refuse, they will be faced with “fabricated criminal cases.”

Earlier this month, another human rights group, Vayfond, stated people of Chechnya said authorities told them to prepare to be sent to fight in Ukraine, regardless of whether they’ve ever been in the Russian military.

(Social media footage snapshot shows long lines of 1960s rusty Soviet tanks deployed by desperate Russia to Ukraine)

Using Battle Tanks from the Early 1960s

Meanwhile, reports backed up by video footage have emerged of the Russian military pulling from its Soviet-era weapon stockpiles antiquated main battle tanks of the T-62 type, which were deployed back in 1961.

The T-62 tanks weren’t spoken fondly of, even back in the Soviet Union days. They are considered vastly inferior to the subsequent Soviet and Russian models of T-72, T-80, and T-90.