Russia May Win in Southeast Ukraine

(Video footage snapshot shows a Russian tank being blown up in the Luhansk region)

The Russian military may be about to win a major battle in the invasion of Ukraine. Russians are throwing all forces they have left in a bid to encircle twin cities in the Donbass region.

Western military supplies promised to Ukrainians, particularly from Germany, but also from the US, are getting delayed.

Crucial Twin Cities Getting Encircled

A large number of Ukrainian troops may soon be encircled by the Russians in  Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, cities with a combined population of about 200,000.

As per the latest announcements of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Russia is attacking Ukrainian defenders in and around the two cities with the entire “strength it has left”.

The losses of the Russians in the 91 days of war so far are indeed mind-blowing. The latest update of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry puts the number of Russians killed in combat at 29,600.

Close to 8,500 Russian units of military equipment have been destroyed by the Ukrainians, including 1,315 main battle tanks, 206 warplanes, 170 attack helicopters, and 502 drones.

It also includes 3,235 armored personnel carriers, 2,225 trucks and jeeps, 13 naval vessels, 294 missile systems, and 617 artillery systems.

Russians Are Obliterating Everything

As of Thursday morning, Russian hordes reached the outskirts of Severodonetsk.

Besides warning the Putin regime is throwing everything it has now in the battle for Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy also raised alarm on Wednesday night that Russians are really seeking “to destroy everything there.”

According to Serhiy Haidai, Governor of the Luhansk Region, Russians have come so close to Severodonetsk that they are already now firing mortars straight into the city.

Haidai declared Putin’s military is “killing our cities,” as he warned that fighting over the next week is going to be decisive.

He cautioned that Russians managed to pile up an “insane” number of soldiers there. They are seeking to “turn the tide” by brutally obliterating surviving Ukrainian cities and towns in the Luhansk region of the Donbass.

According to earlier comments by Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy, Ukrainian troops in the Donbass are outgunned by the Russians in a 20:1 ratio.

There was a growing sense of anger among the Ukrainians over the slow pace of delivery of heavy weaponry already promised by western nations – particularly by Germany.

It promised certain numbers of tanks some two months ago, but hasn’t delivered them yet.

The biggest US military supplies are yet to arrive in Ukraine over the next few weeks under the Lend-Lease Act recently adopted by the US Congress.

By that time, however, Ukrainians may have lost all the ground they still hold in the crucial Donbass region.

The Russian regime may have created a frenzy of propaganda over whatever local wins it might have managed to secure.

In the meantime, the Russian regime appears to be going full speed ahead with the plunder of huge amounts of Ukrainian grain and its illegal exports through the Black Sea.