Russia Bombs Kyiv Anew, Ukrainian Fighters Hold Out

(7-year-old girl severely injured in a Russian missile strike on Kyiv seen in this photo shared by Ukraine's Foreign Minister)

Aggressive Russia and its spiteful dictator, on Sunday, bombed Ukrainian capital Kyiv for the first time in almost six weeks.

Defenders of Ukraine actually managed to defy the last-ditch push of Russian brutes in the Donbass region and win back part of Severodonetsk in hand-to-hand street battles.

Putin Mad About Ukraine Defending Itself

Putin spoke out immediately after the strikes on Kyiv, warning more attacks will follow if the United States and other western nations provide Ukraine with long-range ballistic missiles.

Sunday morning’s barrage of Russian rockets that hit Kyiv ended a period of relative calm in the Ukrainian capital.

Due to the Ukrainians’ bravery, along with the incompetence and wider logistical failures of the Russian commanders, Putin’s “grand army” has suffered mind-blowing losses so far.


Turning the Tide in Key Donbass City

Sunday’s early morning Russian missile strike on Kyiv came after the US government announced it’s going to supply Ukraine with HIMARS ballistic missiles with a range of about 50 miles.

These missiles are expected to help level the playing field as Ukrainians remain at a huge disadvantage, compared to the Russians’ stockpiles of various rockets, Soviet-era tanks, and armored vehicles.

Putin’s renewed bombing of Kyiv occurred right as Ukrainian counterattacks in the streets of Severodonetsk won back ground captured by the Russians over the past couple of weeks.

Since mid-May, the Russians have been throwing all reserves they have left to capture in full the Donbass region, which they’ve partly occupied since 2014 when Putin first invaded Ukraine.

Last week, in particular, Russian hordes focused specifically on capturing Severodonetsk, which was the largest city in the region still under Ukrainian control.

In spite of being heavily outgunned, however, the defenders of Ukraine managed to counterattack and gain back about half of the city, according to Luhansk district governor, Serhiy Gaidai.

Ukrainians have thus turned back the tide. This happened after Putin’s brutes managed to conquer about 70% of the city, where they’ve also been trying to encircle the Ukrainians.

Ukraine’s commanders are still considering the option of pulling out of Severodonetsk, especially since its nearby twin city of Lysychansk is located on higher ground.

To top it all off, Ukrainian troops would be able to shoot at Russians from above.

According to a statement of the Ukrainian Air Force, the Russian missile strike on Kyiv was conducted by T-95 bombers. They were fired from the airspace above the Caspian Sea, some 900 miles away from the Ukrainian capital.

The Russians may have lost more than half of all of their operational aircraft, according to some estimates.

On top of this, Russians have been afraid to send more warplanes or helicopters into Ukrainian airspace because Ukrainians have become very good at shooting them down.