Putin’s Navy in Trouble Amid New Weapons Supplies for Ukraine  

(Wikipedia photo showing 2014 launch of a Harpoon missile by the USS Shiloh)

The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy may be in big trouble very soon, as Britain is preparing to supply the plucky Ukrainians with devastating anti-ship missiles.

Russia’s Navy Has Been Striking Ukrainian Civilians

Ukraine’s resistance has been highly efficient.

Even civilians in the occupied town of Izium in the east helped destroy the invaders by feeding the Russian troops poisoned pastries and treating them with counterfeit alcohol.

Against the backdrop of the mountains of heroism displayed by the courageous Ukrainians, their nation and its military still remains vastly outgunned by Russia.

Ukraine’s leadership, led by its brave President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has been asking the United States and its Western allies for more capable, offensive weapons in order to be able to fight off the Russians.

However, the Biden administration has been unwilling to provide assets such as tanks, warplanes, and ballistic missiles.

However, there are strong indications that top US ally Britain may be providing the Ukrainians with anti-ship missiles shortly.

Saving Ukraine’s Top Port and Entire Nation from Defeat

Russian troops have failed to even attempt a full-fledged attack on Odesa with ground forces attacking it in the rear, alongside a massive sea landing and airborne troops.

However, such a multipronged assault on the city may still be in the making, hence the need for supplying Ukrainians with anti-tank missiles to fend off any such Russian moves.

In a daily update on Sunday, the British Defense Ministry said the Russian navy is keeping its blockade on Ukraine in the Black Sea. However, the Ukrainian short- and medium-range air defenses remain “a significant challenge” for Russian air and sea missile attacks.

A report by the Daily Mail reveals British leader Boris Johnson told his Cabinet he wants to supply Ukraine with anti-ship missiles quickly, as this could save Odesa from an amphibious attack and capture by Putin.

The report says the anti-ship weapons that the UK may provide to Ukraine include the dreadful Harpoon missiles. These are used by the Royal Navy, as well as the US Navy, and are manufactured by Boeing Defense, Space & Security.

In a report in the British newspaper, The Sunday Times, the delivery of anti-tank missiles by the UK to Ukraine would be like the delivery of its NLAW (“New Light Anti-tank Weapons”) anti-tank missiles.

The latter is similar to the US-made Javelin anti-tank portable systems, but has a substantially smaller target radius.

Both the US-made and the UK-made anti-tank weapons are credited with helping Ukraine devastate the columns of Russian tanks invading from three sides.

It is now understood that supplies of anti-ship missiles to Ukraine, such as the Royal Navy’s Harpoon, could be equally devastating to the Russian Navy in the end.