Putin’s Mercenaries Rape Maternity Ward Women in Central Africa

(Social media footage snapshot from East2west Telegram channel shows Wagner Group mercenaries in Ukraine)

Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin’s bloodthirsty private army of mercenaries, known as the Wagner Group, is raping women in a South African maternity ward.

Putin’s Mercenaries Airlifted to Ukraine

The Wagner Group and several other smaller-sized Russian private armies are all believed to be controlled personally by Putin.

The Wagner Group itself has neo-Nazi trappings. Its fighters are known for being highly efficient, but also for their extreme, unspeakable brutality towards both enemy combatants and civilians.

According to one unverified Ukrainian estimate, more than 9,000 Wagner Group mercenaries have fought in Ukraine in the 2.5-month-long war so far. Some 3,000 of those have been killed.

Ukrainian defense analysts and government advisers noted the Wagner mercenaries are the only Russian invaders who display a high degree of fighting morale and efficiency.

(Social media footage snapshot from East2west Telegram channel shows Wagner Group mercenaries in Ukraine)

Rapists in Central Africa Are Also Butchers in Ukraine

According to a report by The Daily Beast, on April 10, troops from Putin’s Wagner Group committed harrowing crimes against pregnant women in a hospital in Bangui. This is the capital of the Central African Republic.

At least three of Putin’s mercenaries entered the local maternity ward and raped pregnant women. They also raped women who had just recently given birth and several health workers.

Officials are now quoted as saying this is the third time Russian mercenaries raping women in the maternity ward has been reported.

The Wagner Group has been active in the civil war in the Central African Republic for the past two years; its troops are also known to have committed horrifying war crimes there.

It is quite possible that the same Russian mercenary troops who raped the pregnant women and healthcare workers in Bangui are already stationed in Ukraine.

Just as the report about the maternity ward rapes in Central Africa came out, there were reports on Saturday night about Putin’s mercenary brutes shooting to kill innocent civilian refugees trying to escape from Popasna.

Serhiy Haidai, the Ukrainian regional head of the military administration of Luhansk, announced on social media the situation in Popasna is due to a heavy presence of Wagner mercenaries and hardware.

He described the Russian attacks on the ground as a “terrible situation.”

Russia’s command has indeed been concentrating all forces it has left on the Donbas region. That’s since its invasion failed all over the map of Ukraine in February and March.

The current fighting in Ukraine aside, the Wagner Group saw its biggest defeat so far at the hands of the US military in the Syrian desert in February 2018.

This is when between 200 and 600 of Putin’s feared mercenaries were wiped out by American fire within a matter of a couple of hours.