Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine ‘Clusterf**k’, Vast Russian Convoy Stranded in Freezing Cold

(Snapshot from social media footages showing a destroyed Russian T-72 tank in Ukraine)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s bloody, hellish invasion of Ukraine is going so terribly wrong that Moscow officials are denouncing it in private and labeling it a “clusterf**k”, a former insider with Kremlin ties has revealed.

Kremlin Officials Privately Forecast Apocalypse for Russia

It has emerged as a consensus among international security and Russian experts that when he ordered his military hordes to attack Ukraine from three sides on February 24, 2022, Putin was counting on crushing the country in one or two days tops.

According to Farida Rustamova, a Russian journalist with insider connections in Moscow government circles, officials in the Kremlin are branding their leader’s invasion nothing short of a “clusterf*ck”.

Rustamova, forced to escape abroad because of the Russian government’s all-out crackdown on journalism and descent, revealed even the officials closest to Putin never thought the dictator would start an actual full-blown conventional war.

She is also quoted as saying Kremlin officials are privately making “apocalyptic” predictions about the upcoming months. Russia’s troops are increasingly bogged down in Ukraine, and western sanctions are increasingly taking their toll on the Russian economy.

(Snapshot from social media footage shows Ukrainian territorial defense fighters posing with a captured Russian tank)

Mid-March Arctic Cold Turning Russian Tanks Into Death-Trap Freezers

The Ukrainian capital this week is predicted to be freezing cold. It could see night temperatures drop to -4 degrees F with the wind chill, turning Putin’s tanks into death traps for his soldiers.

Kevin Price, a former major from the British Army, is quoted as saying the tanks in the convoy stuck 20 miles outside of Kyiv’s downtown would become “40-ton freezers”.

In his words, the Russian troops thrown by the Moscow autocrat into Ukraine aren’t ready for “Arctic-style warfare” and the cold is going to crush their already low morale even further.

He added the Russian soldiers in the stuck convoy northwest of Kyiv might decide to just give up in order to save their lives. Unless they are resupplied swiftly, start going again, and remain in place, they would just be doomed to “freezing to death”.

However, the Russian invaders aren’t the only ones whose lives will be made difficult by the mid-March Arctic cold. Millions of Ukrainians have been forced to abandon their homes due to Russian bombing.

The daily estimate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry published on Wednesday morning said the country’s defenders already killed more than 12,000 Russian troops since the start of Putin’s war crime “adventure.”

They have also destroyed 317 Russian tanks, 1,070 Russian armored vehicles, 120 heavy artillery pieces, 81 attack helicopters, and 49 Russian warplanes.

In the meantime, there are actually those around the world who are “happy” about the bloody war between Russia and Ukraine: the radical Islamist terrorists from ISIS.