Putin’s Creepy Hitler-Themed Mercenaries Show Up in Ukraine

(The Guardian video snapshot shows Putin's "chef" Prigozhin, one of his dirtiest oligarchs)

The creepy, Hitler-theme mercenaries of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin’s regime have been caught for the first time in footage, fighting Putin’s botched war in Ukraine.

Russian War Criminals Crushed in 2018 By US Military

Putin’s mercenaries don’t exist on paper since Russia technically outlaws private armies.

Yet, their existence and active deployments in various spots in the post-Soviet space, the Middle East, and Africa have been well documented.

The biggest and most famous of them is the Wagner Group – so all of Putin’s mercenaries are known collectively as “Vagnerovtsi” – or Wagnerites.

The theme of the Wagner group is unabashedly neo-Nazi-like, as it is named after Adolf Hitler’s favorite composer, Richard Wagner; its de facto founder, Dmitry Utkin, is a former senior Russian military officer sporting Nazi tattoos.

The Wagnerites are also known for participating in the only major direct clash between Russian and American troops.

In a four-hour Battle of Khasham in Syria in February 2018, Russians were wiped out by US forces, with between 200 and 600 of Putin’s mercenaries perishing in no time.

As Putin sent nearly 200,000 Russian troops to invade Ukraine on February 24, there have been various reports about creepy, brutal Wagner Group fighters being present on the ground and participating in the fighting.

There has also been one report claiming that some 9,000 Russian mercenaries fought in Ukraine, and 3,000 of them have been killed.

(Drone footage snapshot shows the Wagner Group mercenaries in Ukraine’s Donbas)

Mercenaries’ Chief Makes Rare, Anti-Western Outburst

Freshly leaked drone footage has now shown Putin’s mercenaries from the Wagner Group fighting in house-to-house combat in Popasna, a town of 20,000 people in the Donbas region.

The footage was posted on Telegram by a Russian military blogger, Boris Rozhin, aka “Colonel Cassad,” who is based in the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula, The Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, the man believed to be in charge of the Wagner mercenaries, Putin oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, lashed out against the entire western civilization in comments before The Guardian newspaper.

Prigozhin, who is also known for running online, dishonest troll factories, spewed insults and made unveiled threats against the United States and other western nations.

Putin’s war criminal buddy declared the West to be a “dying-out civilization” made up of “pathetic endangered perverts,” viewing other people like Russians as “third world scum”.

He also claimed “victory will be ours” – apparently referring to Russia’s botched war in Ukraine.

Later, he said “there are billions of us” – a seeming reference to Russia’s 144 million people, along with the entire third world.

Although strictly speaking, Russia, as the successor of the former Soviet Union, is technically the so-called “second world.”

Prigozhin’s outburst might be the result of increasing nervousness resulting from Russia’s military far in Ukraine. He usually sticks to the “shadows” and isn’t media-active.