Putin’s ‘Cannon Fodder’ Soldiers Crippled in Ukraine Awarded in Bizarre Ceremonies

(Social media footage screenshot shows crippled Russian soldier getting awarded for service in Ukraine)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has sacrificed the lives and health of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers in the bloody invasion of Ukraine.

More than a month into this war, it has become clear Putin’s invasion is a spectacular failure in military and political terms; he is known to have planned to conquer Ukraine in less than 72 hours.

Instead, the spirited defense of the Ukrainians and the terrible logistical issues of the Russian military exposed by the invasion have cost Russia dearly in terms of casualties.

Medals for Doing Their Duty as Putin Cannon Fodder

According to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense, more than 17,000 Russian soldiers have been killed as of Monday morning.

Russia’s own claims are about 1,300 casualties, but the low figure is considered nothing but a propaganda construct designed to hide the weakness of the Putin regime.

However, on Sunday, the regime offered a glimpse of some of Russia’s wounded soldiers who had recently been brought back from the battlefields in Ukraine.

The result was a highly bizarre makeshift medal-awarding ceremony in hospital rooms, which could be best described as awkward, as per a report of The Daily Mail.

Some of the Russian soldiers who lost their legs were literally getting told by Russian officials to “get back on their feet”.

(Social media footage screenshot shows crippled Russian soldiers getting awarded for service in Ukraine)

As Fomin is pinning medals to their hospital pajamas, each of the now crippled soldiers utters the phrase, “I serve Russia.”

In spite of that, the footage showed Putin-produced cripples watching in despair and terror as the high-ranking apparatchik is awarding them for their usage as cannon fodder by the Moscow regime.

Telling Legless Soldiers to Get Back on Their Feet

The Colonel General’s lauding of the poor young men sacrificed for Putin’s sick imperial wet dreams was packed with communist clichés about how they “gave 100%” when they attacked and terrorized a foreign nation.

The apparatchik can be heard in the video, ranting about how the Putin-made war cripples carried out “glorious military traditions” of Russia; the misfortunate young men gave him silence and blank stares.

In another video, another of Russia’s Deputy Ministers of Defense, Yunus-Bek Evkuro told a wounded soldier to “get back on [his] feet,”  even as the soldier in question lost a leg in Putin’s war.

Putin made it clear he wasn’t worried by the vast number of Russian casualties in Ukraine, and even 30,000 or 50,000 killed Russian soldiers could be tolerated.

However, he allegedly demonstrated he was concerned about the massive loss of Russian military equipment.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, as of Monday morning, defenders of Ukraine have destroyed 123 Russian warplanes, 127 attack helicopters, and 586 tanks.

Putin’s also lost 302 artillery pieces, 1,694 armored personnel carriers, 1,150 other vehicles, more than 150 missile launcher trucks, 66 drones, and seven ships.