Putin Wants World to Die When He Dies, Kremlin Expert Warns

Russia’s bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin is close to death, but would like the entire world to die with him when he perishes, according to a warning by a Russian professor of political science with insider knowledge of the Kremlin’s affairs.

Exposing Putin’s Nauseating Secrets

The warning that Putin would love to drag the entire mankind with him into the abyss of hell has come from Prof. Valery Solovey.

He revealed the Moscow dictator does not have much time to live because he suffers from some kind of cancer and possibly also Parkinson’s disease.

The latest warning by Prof. Valery Solovey comes amid growing fears that the Russian leader could be getting ready to detonate at least a single nuclear warhead in Ukraine to try to reverse the course of the war.

At the same time, however, Putin’s nuclear blackmail is believed to be working less and less when it comes to Western governments.

Any sort of compromise with the Moscow dictator would mean practically making him the ruler of the entire world and always bowing to his hellish, perfidious will.

Recent statements by retired top US military commanders, such as David Petreus and Ben Hodges, made it clear the United States is going to devastate the Russian military if Putin so much as deploys even a single nuke against Ukraine.

The World in Big Trouble Because of Putin

According to the latest comments by Valery Solovey, as cited by The Daily Mail, Putin already made up his mind to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Solovey, who is a former professor at the Institute of International Relations in Moscow, made the allegation just hours before Friday when the atrocious Russian tyrant celebrated his 70th birthday.

According to the Russian professor, the question now is not “if” but “how, when, and where” Putin decides to use nuclear weapons on Ukraine.

At the same time, Solovey insisted – even though he thinks the world would be “on the edge of death” – it would be able to “back off” from it and live “through this.”

He argued the present-day situation with the confrontation between Putin’s Russia and the West is the closest the world has been to a “nuclear apocalypse.” This includes at any point since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis at the height of the Cold War.

Solovey left it beyond doubt that “the cause” for this is nobody else but Russian President Vladimir Putin, who “can not allow Russia to be defeated.”

The political analyst said Putin is left with only two more tools – mobilization and nuclear weapons. Right now, Putin is already using the former. To top it all off, according to Solovey, the Russian dictator is in “very poor physiological health.”