Putin Throws Huge Hitler-Style Stadium Rally, Celebrating War in Ukraine

(Snapshot from social media footage shows Putin delivering his Hitler-style Ukraine war speech)

An unbelievable sight occurred in the Russian capital of Moscow on Friday.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin gave a speech before a huge stadium rally to celebrate the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the world is watching in horror the war crimes of the Russian troops. To make the sight even more shocking, it bore a strong reminiscence of the 1930s stadium rallies held by Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany.

Bewildering ‘Putler’ Pro-War Rally

The rally at Moscow’s Olympic stadium “Luzhniki” was technically on the occasion of the 8th “anniversary” since Russia annexed Crimea back in 2014.

However, the event was clearly designed to ramp up public support for the Putin regime. His invasion of Ukraine is failing miserably in military terms, while killing thousands of civilians every day.

Putin has been called “Putler” by critics ever since the 2014 attack on Ukraine. On Friday, he once again demonstrated how correct these comparisons are.

To make the Nazi resemblance even more striking, the entire stadium rally, besides thousands of Russian flags, was prominently featuring the “Z” sign. This was painted on many of the tanks and other military equipment that Putin’s troops are using in Ukraine.

At the same time, thousands of Russian soldiers are deserting and/or surrendering in Ukraine. Dozens of them have given press conferences in Kyiv, with sobbing apologies for the crimes they have been sent to commit by the Putin regime.

(Social media snapshot shows the hosts of Putin’s war rally)

Russians’ ‘Universal Values’ Demonstrated by Putin in Ukraine

The entire Hitler-style rally in Moscow on Friday seemed to betray the desperation of the autocrat. His military is estimated to have lost one-fifth of its forces in Ukraine, if not more.

During his address on Friday, Putin once again peddled his well-known lies that Ukraine is being ruled by Nazis. Never mind that Ukraine’s courageous leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, himself is Jewish.

In his speech packed full of lies, the Russian dictator kept claiming the country’s military is conducting a “special operation” in Ukraine – as he banned the word “war”, with its use in public punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Putin argued the Russian troops there are “fighting” for Russians’ “universal values” of supporting each other.

Putin also compared himself to Admiral Fyodol Ushakov, a commander of the navy of the Russian Empire in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. He is believed to have never lost a single battle.

Except Putin’s troops are being pummeled in Ukraine, with more than 14,000 killed, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Nearly 500 Russian tanks and 1,500 armored personnel carriers were destroyed. Almost 100 warplanes and more than 100 attack helicopters were blown up by Ukraine’s defenders in just three weeks of fighting.

The exact number of Ukrainian civilians killed by Putin is unknown, but among them are at least 109 children. The Russian autocrat’s “special operation” has chased three million refugees out of Ukraine.