Putin Sends Russia’s Last Reserves in Desperate Final Onslaught

(Social media video snapshot from earlier in the Russian invasion of Ukraine shows Moscow's "Terminator" tank support vehicle)

The already heavy fighting between the troops of Russia and the brave defenders of Ukraine intensified substantially on Sunday.

Murderous Moscow dictator, Vladimir Putin, appeared to be sending Russia’s last remaining fresh reserves into one huge offensive in the Donbass region of Southeast Ukraine.

The ferocious onslaught appears to be motivated by Putin’s urge to capture as much Ukrainian territory as possible before the arrival of vast American and other western military equipment.

In the 87 days of war so far, the courageous defenders of Ukraine have been inflicting tremendous losses upon Putin’s brutes.

(Social media video snapshot shows Ukrainian troops blowing up a forbidden Russian vacuum bomb launcher with a Stugna-P missile system)

Last Face-Saving Hopes of Russia

In its renewed onslaught in the Donbass region, the Russian military is seeking to encircle two major cities there, each with more than 100,000 inhabitants – Sloviansk and Sievierodonetsk.

The stated goal of the Russians is to conquer the two Ukrainian administrative units – Donetsk and Luhansk – making up the geographic region of Donbass.

Once, or if, that is achieved, Putin’s commanders are expected to dig in there, as well as in the south of Ukraine. Here, Russians managed to occupy the city of Kherson.

After the Ukrainian leadership, last week, agreed to have its last 2,500 troops holed up in Mariupol surrender to Russia (with the hope of exchanging these troops for Russian POWs), Putin would seek to present the so emerging land corridor from Russia as a “vast success.”

This, among other things, is robbing Ukraine of more than two-thirds of its sea coastline.

This scenario would still be unfavorable to Ukraine, along with the entire West and free world, as it would allow Putin to save face before his brainwashed electorate.

Meanwhile, a new video emerged of Ukrainian troops using the Ukrainian-developed anti-tank missile system Stugna-P to destroy a Russian rocket launcher firing hellish thermobaric weapons. These weapons are forbidden by the Geneva Convention.

In his evening social media video address, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy described the situation with the defense in the Donbass region as “extremely difficult.”

He blasted the “brutal and absolutely pointless” Russian bombardment of the city of Severodonets.

Zelenskyy then emphasized the invaders have devastated completely the cities of Rubizhne and Volnovakha, just as they destroyed the coastal city of Mariupol.

At the same time, however, Ukrainians are succeeding in preventing Russians from breaching their lines or enveloping their units in the region.

This comes in spite of the fact that Putin and his generals are literally throwing everything that they have left at the battle for Donbass.

Besides defending fiercely and efficiently against the Russian last-ditch onslaught, Ukrainians seem to be intensifying a spy sabotage campaign inside Russia.