Putin Puts His Most Brutal General from Syrian War in Charge of Ukraine War

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has now resorted to appointing his most brutal general known from the civil war in Syria.

This is where the Russians committed countless heinous war crimes in the past few years.

New Commander Massacred Civilians

The terrible failures of the Russian military have caused the fuming Putin to switch his approach.

He will now concentrate on preparing and waging a huge World War II-style land battle in the steppes of Eastern Ukraine, near the city of Kharkiv and in the Donbass region.

The latter has been partly occupied by Russian proxies since 2014, when Putin first invaded Ukraine, seized the Crimean Peninsula, and started a rebellion in the east in order to punish the democratic, freedom-loving country for choosing to seek closer ties with the West.

To try to achieve this goal of scoring a big military victory in Ukraine, Putin has put in charge a new man.

The commander in question is Capt. Gen. Aleksandr Dvornikov.

He is known his extreme brutality in the Syrian Civil War, where Putin intervened militarily in 2015 in order to save his fellow dictator pal, Bashar al-Assad, from toppling.

Dvornikov has been overseeing Russia’s bloody intervention in Syria, which has involved numerous war crimes against civilians, earning himself the nickname of the “Butcher of Syria”.

The murderous general in question is now tasked with seizing Donbass and all of Eastern Ukraine, according to a report by The Daily Mail.

Even He Might Be Unable to Help Putin

Dvornikov appears to be a totally ruthless man capable of a high level of military efficiency, and also deemed to be familiar with the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine.

He appears to be in charge of all Russian moves in the atrocious war in Ukraine now.

Dvornikov is likely to press really hard for the capture of Mariupol, as the Russians have been bombing and starving them for 1.5 months now, a city whose situation has been described by survivors as “worse than hell”.

British military sources cited in the report noted, however, that even Dvornikov might actually “struggle to please” Putin with respect to the results of the Ukraine war.

It would be very difficult for him to succeed against the highly motivated and efficient Ukrainian defenders, unless Russia’s military all of sudden “becomes much more effective”, one source is quoted as saying.

To likely make the war situation even more difficult for the Russians, Ukraine is expected to be getting now even heavy military equipment.

With British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arriving in Kyiv on a surprise visit on Saturday, Britain in particular is now promising 120 armored vehicles.

This will be accompanied by Harpoon anti-ship missiles that could wreak havoc on the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.