Putin Now Begging China for Military Aid Amid Ukraine War Failure

(Snapshot from social media footages shows Russian military ambulances marked with the "V" sign likely bringing wounded Russian soldiers to Belarus)

Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin, whose bloody invasion of Ukraine is turning into a spectacular military failure, has been reduced to begging his Chinese buddies for military aid, according to US intelligence information.

Why Putin May Indeed Be Begging

According to the latest information from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, more than 14,500 Putin troops have been killed in Ukraine so far.

This comes along with several “private armies” loyal to Putin, such as the Wagner Group (more than 2,000 killed), plus Chechen detachments, and Arab mercenaries.

In terms of military equipment, the Ukrainian military has been using the US-made Javelin anti-tank missiles, UK-made NLAWs, Turkish-made Bayraktar drones, and other weaponry to destroy thousands of Russian war vehicles and aircraft.

As of Monday morning, the Russians lost 90 attack helicopters, 77 fighter jets and other warplanes, eight drones, 389 tanks, 150 artillery pieces, 1,249 armored personnel carriers, 617 other vehicles, and nearly 100 rocket launchers of various types.

In this situation, it is plausible Putin may appeal for military aid to his other lowly-minded friends, such as the Chinese communists.

According to a report by The Washington Post citing an anonymous US official, Putin has already gone ahead and begged the Chinese regime for certain kinds of military aid.

The official didn’t reveal more details about the information; however, there have been various reports that Russians are running out of missiles.

The revelation comes after Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser of America, said the Biden administration has been communicating to Chinese leader Xi Jinping that China is going to “face consequences” if it helps Russia.

Chinese and Russian Denials

A spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing denied the report of The Washington Post and called it “disinformation,” as quoted by the BBC.

Putin’s own press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, on Monday also repudiated the reports that Putin is now appealing to Beijing in a begging mode.

Instead, Peskov argued, Russia not only hasn’t asked China for assistance, but also doesn’t need any military help at all.

Putin’s stooge declared Russia has the “independent potential” necessary to keep up the war in Ukraine.

Pretending Putin’s military is performing well in Ukraine, which it certainly isn’t (since the Russian dictator hoped to conquer the freedom-minded Ukrainian nation in a mere one to two days), Peskov vowed the war is proceeding according to the “original schedule.”

He also promised the war, i.e. the campaign to conquer and enslave Ukraine for Putin’s empire, would be “realized in full.” Although, the facts on the ground are suggesting quite the opposite.

On Monday, representatives of Ukraine and Russia met once again for inconclusive negotiations, with another meeting set for Tuesday.

In the meantime, Putin’s hordes keep killing civilians; the Ukrainian military is not only holding its ground, but is also counterattacking.