Putin May Have Thyroid Cancer, Causing His Steroid Ukraine War Rage

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may be suffering from a certain type of cancer.

The treatment may be causing him to suffer from a so called “steroid rage”, a condition that may have made him aggression-prone and may complicate tremendously the international peace efforts.

Constantly Tailed by High-Profile Thyroid Cancer Doctors

Putin’s own health condition may be severe.

He is very likely to be suffering from thyroid cancer, the kind of disease that is treated with steroids, since he is now revealed to be followed around by doctors specializing in precisely that kind of cancer.

According to a report by Proekt (“Project”), a pro-opposition Russian journalism site banned in Russia, whose staff have fled abroad, Putin is constantly being visited and/or accompanied by Dr. Yevgeny Selivanov.

The report reveals that Selivanov has been flown to Sochi, the Black Sea resort where Putin’s favorite residence is located, at least 35 times, spending with him at least 166 days.

The doctor who most frequently accompanies Putin, Dr. Alexey Shcheglov, is a neurosurgeon with ENT, who has visited him at least 59 times. He’s has spent with Putin at least 282 days in recent years, oftentimes getting seen in the background of his photos.

Another ENT expert, Dr. Igor Esakov has made 38 trips to Putin, for a total of 152 days.

Selivanov’s doctor’s thesis is precisely on the topic of the treatment of thyroid cancer in “elderly and senile patients”. The Russian leader himself is going to turn 70 in October.

The report also notes that since 2012, there have been five instances in which Putin has been missing from public appearances, most probably for health reasons.

Those instances were in November 2012, March 2015, August 2017, February 2018, and September 2021.

Putin’s Symptoms and Thyroid Cancer

The revelation that Putin has thyroid cancer specialists with him almost all the time is lending high credibility to rumors that the Russian autocrat is suffering from steroid rage because of treatment with steroid medications.

Those types of medications are known to lead to face and neck bloating, which has been noticeable in Putin’s latest video addresses.

Besides the thyroid cancer expert, Putin is said to be constantly followed by a group of four other doctors, one of whom is revealed to be a neurosurgeon.

The report says that in July 2020, Putin met with Dr. Ivan Dedov, head of Russia’s National Medical Research Center on Endocrinology. He informed the president about Tyrogin, new hormonal drug-fighting metastasis after thyroid cancer surgery.

According to the report, rumors in the Kremlin about Putin’s likely problems with thyroid cancer increased in particular in the early fall of 2021.

Thyroid cancer symptoms include a thick nodule in the area of the thyroid, a hoarse voice, having difficulty swallowing, neck and throat pain, swollen lymph nodes, a scratchy throat, and a dry cough.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the allegation that the Russian autocrat may be suffering from cancer. Yet, information from doctors appears to suggest otherwise.