Putin Comes Close to Striking US-Led NATO Alliance in Ukraine War

(Snapshot from social media footage shows the fully destroyed Yavoriv base in Western Ukraine)

While the US-led NATO alliance of 30 member countries has been extra careful not to clash directly with Russian forces, Russian dictator Putin has done the opposite.

On Sunday, he almost hit the territory of the alliance.

Putin’s Brinkmanship Getting Riskier for the Entire World

America and other key US allies in Europe, within the NATO alliances, repeatedly reject calls for NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine or even a no-fly zone because those would lead to direct clashes with the Russians.

This could lead Russian tyrant Putin to feel cornered and start a nuclear war against the West, which in turn would result in the almost certain destruction of all mankind.

On Saturday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister declared US military supply convoys to Ukraine could be considered legitimate targets of war for Moscow.

Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, Russian forces carried out a missile strike on a Ukrainian military base standing just 12 miles away from Poland, a key US ally and a key member of NATO.

The Russian military strike on such a facility and so close to the NATO border certainly presented new challenges of Putin’s brinkmanship to the West.

This is because some of the Russian missiles could have strayed and hit Poland, which could then be considered an attack on all NATO members, including the United States.

(Ukrainian armed forces photo shows US troops during previous training at the Yavoriv base)

Ukrainians Crying for NATO Intervention

Desperate as their citizens have been killed in droves by Putin’s military hordes, Ukraine’s leadership, including President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, have been eager to get NATO to help them.

They have been arguing that if Putin is allowed to defeat Ukraine, he won’t stop there.

The Russian president is believed to attack the Baltic states next if he succeeds in Ukraine. As those are NATO members, that would see NATO forced to confront the Russian autocrat when he does that, which is why it’s better to stop him now.

In a tweet on Sunday, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov called upon NATO to “close the sky”.

He noted “foreign instructors” work at the Yavoriv base, and in Russia’s military strikes, there is a “new terrorist attack” against security and peace, right on the border of NATO and the European Union.

The western command of the Ukrainian Air Force said its air defenses shot down two of the Russian missiles targeting the military base close to the US ally’s border.

At the same time, the mayor of the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine announced the Russian missiles which hit the base were fired by Russian fighter jets flying over the Black Sea.

The planes in question took off from the city of Saratov in Southwest Russia.