Putin Collapses to Colonel’s Level in Desperate Push to Reverse Losing Ukraine War

Russia’s atrocious dictator Vladimir Putin has practically “gone into battle” himself.

He is trying to reverse the monstrous loss of his war in Ukraine by personally assuming the command of small-scale Russian units, down at levels usually overseen by colonels, according to Western intelligence agencies.

Russia’s Losses Forced Putin to ‘Micro-Manage’ the War

Putin has now been reduced to making “tactical” decisions for the actions of Russian troops on the muddy battlefields in southeast Ukraine, per a source cited by The Guardian and The Daily Mail.

The meltdown, morale failure, and disarray of the Russian troops are so significant that there are cases of Russian military commanders killing off their own wounded soldiers to avoid having to extract and treat them.

The latest estimate of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry shows, as of Tuesday morning, in the 82 days of war, Ukrainian defenders have killed more than 27,900 Russian troops. They destroyed more than 7,500 units of Russian military equipment.

The latter number includes 1,235 Russian tanks, 2,109 trucks and jeeps, 3,009 armored personnel carriers, 288 missile systems, 578 artillery systems, 201 warplanes, 436 drones, 167 attack helicopters, and 13 ships.

Lt. Col. Putin the Battalion Commander

The revelation that Putin is now personally commanding colonel-level units comes against the backdrop of the recent ambush of Russian troops trying to cross the Donets river in the Donbass region.

Ukrainians obliterated up to 1,000 men, about 90 tanks, and other vehicles of the invaders.

According to the cited western military intelligence source, both Putin and possibly Valery Gerasimov, his head of the General Staff, who may have actually been axed, are now “micro-managing” the entire remaining Russian forces in Ukraine.

Thus, Russia’s president and his top general – assuming the latter hasn’t been sacked – are reduced to working on the level of a “colonel or brigadier.”

This means Putin, the wannabe grand new “emperor” of Eurasia, would be directly giving orders on the movements of individual Russian “battalion tactical groups,” each of which has between 700 and 1,000 men.

At least 12 Russian generals have already been killed by the Ukrainians on the frontlines The constant failures forced Putin’s senior military commanders to be present on the ground to personally oversee the fighting.

Moscow’s new “strategy” after the defeat in the first phase of the invasion has been to make a giant push against Ukrainians in the southeastern region of Donbass.

In spite of some severe fighting on the ground there, the highly anticipated Russian offensive has achieved next to nothing.

In the meantime, Ukrainians have managed to win the Battle of Kharkiv in the northeast, and reach the border with Russia.

As a true testimony to the disastrous performance of Russian troops, Igor Girkin aka Strelkov, a Russian military intelligence officer instrumental in Putin’s first invasion of Ukraine back in 2014, admitted the onslaught in southeast Ukraine is a failure.