Putin Claims US Wants to Trick Russia into War, Biden Sends 3,000 Troops

President Joe Biden is sending several thousand additional US troops near Russia’s border as a precaution to support American allies and NATO members.

New US Military Deployment in Eastern Europe

A total of 3,000 additional US troops will be deployed to the eastern flank of NATO out of fears that Moscow might be tempted to attack some of them before or after a potential invasion of Ukraine.

As of Wednesday morning, there were few details available; the information about the deployment of the 3,000 additional US troops in Eastern Europe first came from an unnamed senior official of the Biden administration.

The official revealed the new deployment will be a combination of sending US-based troops to Eastern Europe and moving further east some US units which are already Europe-based.

The official explicitly made it clear the troops will not “fight in Ukraine.”

Putin’s Aggressive New Accusations and Outrageous Claims

The news about the US military deployment comes as Putin practically accused the United States of seeking to trick Russia into a war in Ukraine.

Over the course of December, Russia gave the US and NATO a list of impossible demands, basically boiling down to giving Moscow control of all of Eastern Europe. Putin even declared America and the West have ignored Russia’s “security concerns”.

In his comments, Putin falsely claimed America put “missiles” on the “doorstep of our home”. He turned up his voice as he aggressively demanded America should give Russia guarantees “right now”, as cited by the Daily Mail.

All in all, the Russian president has also sought to humiliate America as the world’s greatest power; he’s clearly taking advantage of the fact that Sleepy Joe Biden is a weak leader with a mortifying foreign policy record.

In reacting to Putin’s accusations, Biden’s White House press secretary Jen Psaki had an untypically adequate reaction to the situation.

She lambasted Putin for seeking to turn Russia’s own aggressive rhetoric around and portray his country as the victim.

The Russian autocrat suggested the United States wants Russia to attack Ukraine so it can slap more economic sanctions on Moscow and thus debilitate his country’s “progress”.

To characterize Putin’s comments, Psaki used a metaphor with the old saying about the fox standing on the roof of the henhouse and screaming out that he’s afraid of the chickens.

Prior to that, in reaction to Putin’s wild accusations about US missiles at Russia’s doorstep, a report by Bloomberg claimed that Biden offered the Russian leader access to two US missile defense bases in Europe, in Poland, and Romania.

This way, the Russian government can see for themselves that there are “no Tomahawk cruise missiles” based there, which could be used for an attack on Russia.