Osama Bin Laden Plotted Another 9/11 in America


The world’s most famous terrorist, Osama bin Laden, was plotting a second 9/11-type terrorist attack in the United States, according to newly revealed documents seized from his compound by US Navy SEALs.

These planned attacks involved using private jets and/or derailing trains to kill as many Americans as possible.

As per the papers found by the team of Navy SEALs, the second terrorist attack against the United States was supposed to happen in the wake of September 11, 2001.

Osama’s Plan B and Plan C For Another 9/11 Attack

There were scant mentions back in 2011, after he was killed, that Osama bin Laden considered derailing trains in another deadly attack on America.

Now, more details have been revealed by Nelly Lahoud, an Islamic scholar, in an interview for CBS’s 60 Minutes, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Lahoud said the documents found by the SEALs in Osama’s compound showed he wanted his follow-up “9/11” to use private jets or chartered planes, or, as a last resort, the derailment of passenger trains in the United States.

Back in 2011, the revelation made to the public was the vicious terrorist wanted to cause a packed passenger train to collapse down from a bridge in a valley.

Thus, instead of trying again to hijack passenger planes, which would have been prohibitively difficult with the heightened security measures, Osama wanted his operatives to instead charter a plane.

If the chartering option would prove too hard to realize, the backup plan was to derail an American train. In his letter, Bin Laden actually included simple and straightforward DIY instructions on how to derail trains.

He explained to his Islamist terrorist subordinates they could use a compressor or a smelting iron tool to cut out parts of train tracks, which should be long enough to bring about a derailment, Lahoud revealed.

US War in Afghanistan ‘Gutted’ al-Qaeda

According to the Islamic scholar, Osama bin Laden was actually “surprised” about how strongly the United States reacted to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Lahoud also revealed that Osama thought 9/11 terrorist attacks were going to force the American people in the streets to protest the policies of the US government, which would in turn lead to America’s withdrawal from Muslim countries.

Lahoud later said al-Qaeda was really “gutted” by the US war in Afghanistan.

As it turns out, al-Qaeda was, in fact, “incapacitated.” The desperate situation of the terror network was revealed by an al-Qaeda operative named Tawfiq in various letters to Bin Laden.

The papers seized from the top terrorist’s compound show that in 2010, he also planned a large terrorist attack.

This large terrorist attack was designed to target the main shipping routes in the Middle East and around Africa and against huge oil tankers.