NYT Explodes Against US Constitution as Hurdle to ‘Real’ Freedom, Democracy

An op-ed article in the far-left New York Times attacked the American Constitution as “broken,” “famously undemocratic,” and a hurdle hampering the emergence of “real” democracy and freedom.

Anti-Constitutionalism and Anti-Americanism

The fresh anti-American, anti-freedom, and anti-democracy opinion piece in the New York Times seems like a true testimony that Democrats are showing their desire to overturn the system of American government.

This and other clearly leftist attacks against the American Constitution tend to parrot many of the “classical” tenets of the global communist propaganda from the former Soviet Union.

In this narrative, the American Constitution, nation, and republic are reduced to nothing but an “evil oppressor” of everything. Hence, the new United States of America that communists envision is to the benefit of a select few Marxist-Communist apparatchiks.

They will be running everything and making decisions about everybody’s life, basically forcing through the system that crashed in the former Soviet Union and is in place in communist China.

(The constitution of Belarus may be more to the liking of the American left.)

How Would Life Be Without the Constitution?

The op-ed in the NYT attacking the US Constitution has a headline stating it is “broken” and “shouldn’t be reclaimed.” It is authored by two law professors from Ivy League universities.

The two authors – Harvard’s Ryan D. Doerfler and Yale’s Samuel Moyn – insist the “basic rules of the game” in America need to be “altered radically” in a way that would “no longer” require US politics to be “justified by the Constitution.”

Moyn and Doerfler argued it is not the SCOTUS justices who should be blamed by the left for “failing” to interpret the Constitution correctly, i.e. to the benefit of the progressives.

Instead, they insist the Constitution is inherently bad, even evil, so “struggling” over it “has proved [to be] a dead end.”

They attack what they say is “some centuries-old text” and demand America has to be “reclaimed from constitutionalism.”

Moyn and Doerfler argue all constitutions, and particularly America’s “broken one,” lead to sticking with the past, which benefits “the right.”

They criticize “liberals” for attempting over many decades not to “reclaim” the US Constitution or seek to replace it with some new kind of “constitutionalism.”

The Ivy League law professors call for “packing the union” with more and more “new states,” clearly believing that this would give the left a major advantage.

What is particularly startling in their piece, however, is their conviction that it would be “far better” if “liberals” could just “make cases” for things such as “abortion and labor rights” without having to bother with obeying the American Constitution.

Even though the two authors shy away from writing what comes after the Constitution is gone, the path forward leads to nothing but a “Soviet Union of the United States of America.”