NY AG Tries Forcing Trump Family to Testify, Accuses Trump Organization of Fraud

Letitia James, the Democrat attorney general of New York announced on Tuesday she is seeking a court order. This order would force President Donald Trump, as well as two of his children, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, to testify under oath.

This comes as part of her investigation of the Trump Organization; the AG claimed to have found evidence of financial fraud.

Trump already declared numerous times that the investigation is nothing but a politically-motivated “witch hunt.”

Accusations of Fraud and ‘Roadblocks’

The New York AG alleged her investigation has “uncovered significant evidence” of financial crimes, such as inflating asset values to get bigger loans, better insurance conditions, along with tax relief.

James called that “fraudulent, misleading asset valuations” for the sake of getting “economic benefits.”

Therefore, her legal action is meant to force Trump and his children to “comply” with her investigation of the Trump Organization’s “financial dealings.”

According to James, Trump presented his penthouse at the Trump Tower as being 30,000 square feet and worth $327 million; although, it is said to be 11,000 square feet and worth much less.

The Democrat prosecutor alleged further that Trump misrepresented the value of his Scottish golf course and lied about membership fees.

In her statement, James insisted the Trump family has been misrepresenting the value of their assets before the IRS, insurance companies, and banks.

The attorney general likewise accused the Trump family of making attempts to evade testifying in her investigation. Later, she argued they were “closely involved” in the aforementioned matters and wouldn’t be allowed to avoid answering her questions under oath.

‘Unprecedented,’ ‘Unconstitutional’ Attempts at Forced Testimonies

The court documents filed by the office of Letitia James claim the Trump Organization exaggerated the value of land donations in New York and California to receive millions in tax deductions.

According to the NY AG’s office, President Trump’s property in Westchester, New York was valued at $291 million by the Trump Organization. This was back in 2012; then, four years later, an independent appraiser valued it at $56 million.

Citing deposition testimony by the former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, Allen Weisselberg, James’ office claimed the value of Trump’s penthouse at Trump Tower was inflated by $200 million.

In 2021, Weisselberg was charged with tax fraud, but pleaded not guilty.

In court filings, the Trump family’s lawyers have declared James’ attempt to force testimonies constitutes an “unprecedented and unconstitutional maneuver.”

James’ investigation into the Trump Organization is technically civil; however, her office is also involved in the criminal investigation launched by the former DA of Manhattan, Cyrus Vance Jr.

Earlier this week, Democrat senators made it clear they are eager to see criminal charges against President Trump from Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Last month, President Trump filed a lawsuit against the NY attorney general, seeking to terminate her investigation. The former president’s legal team is arguing James violated his constitutional rights, as she is trying to “publicly malign Trump” and his aides.

Trump likewise maintains that James is a “corrupt official” who does “the dirty work” of the Democrat Party to “harass, intimidate, and retaliate” against him.