New York Democrat Warns Against Biden or Trump Running in 2024

The midterm elections are scarcely one month away. After America finally learns which party will control the Senate and House for the next two years, attention will inevitably drift to the upcoming presidential election.

At this time, much speculation exists as to which candidates will end up tossing their hats in the ring for the 2024 presidential race. Thus far, Biden and the White House continue to flip-flop on whether or not he plans to seek reelection.

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On the GOP side, there’s been talk about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis making a presidential run; however, DeSantis himself hasn’t confirmed any plans to run for the White House.

Meanwhile, there are expectations that former President Trump will eventually try for a third presidential campaign. Now, one Democrat in New York is sounding the alarm against either Biden or Trump running for office again, per The Hill.

The Case For Moving On

Max Rose previously served as a Democratic representative for New York’s 11th district and is running to regain this position.

In doing so, Rose is sounding the alarm against either the current or former president running in the 2024 race. According to the New York Democrat, the generation that Biden and Trump belong to needs to be moved on from.

Rose said in politics, the nation needs to turn a new page. He believes this means turning the page on not just ineffectiveness in politics, but also in hatred and divisiveness.

The New York Democrat’s remarks come shortly after a recent poll showing the majority of Catholics throughout the nation are likewise opposed to Biden or Trump running for office again.

Other polls have shown some support for age limits on public officeholders. With 70 being an age that most supporters of age limits can agree upon, this would eliminate both Biden and Trump from the 2024 presidential election.

A Bellwether For 2024

Next month’s midterms have been widely viewed as a bellwether for the forthcoming presidential election. Right now, all signs seem to indicate the GOP is going to take back the House of Representatives.

For some time, the Senate looked to be more uncertain. However, Democrats are starting to fall behind in battleground states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Republicans need only win one extra seat in the Senate in order to regain the majority.

Although a win for the GOP in either the House or the Senate would remove from the Biden administration its current advantage of having a Congress where it can get bills passed on party votes alone.

What do you think of Democrat Max Rose urging against either Biden or Trump running for the White House again in the 2024 presidential race? Feel free to let us know where you stand on this in the comments section.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.