New Totalitarianism Worse than Nazism, RFK Tells Huge Anti-Mandate DC Rally

A large rally against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations gathered in Washington, DC on Sunday. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told the crowd in a fiery speech that even Nazism was better than present-day “turnkey totalitarianism.”

Previous Totalitarians Didn’t Have the Technology, but Today’s Do

Up to 35,000 anti-mandate protesters marched peacefully in the nation’s capital. The organizers expected some 20,000 people to show up.

Besides RFK, the other top speaker who addressed the Washington, DC anti-mandate rally was Del Bigtree, the founder of the Informed Consent Action Network. Along with a large number of protesters, probably the most notable part of the anti-mandate march was RFK’s strong-worded speech.

The main message was “Americans want democracy back”, and that’s what the rally was all about, as cited by WUSA9. He painted a chilling picture of the 1984-style, Orwellian world that is threatening to emerge in the near future.

In this world, totalitarianism will be imposed upon Americans and other nations using 5G technology, low-orbit satellites, digital currency, and, of course, vaccine mandates.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. described the present situation in the United States as “turnkey totalitarianism.” The government is imposing on the American people numerous “technological mechanisms for control” that are completely unprecedented and never seen before.

He reminded the crowd that every single totalitarian state in human history has been seeking total control over the people and the individual, including a person’s behavior and thoughts.

At the same time, the other top priority of totalitarians is always to “obliterate dissent.”

Freedoms are Becoming Privileges, Based on Obedience

RFK emphasized that none of the previous totalitarian regimes in history have been able to achieve all-out totalitarian control, due to a lack of technology.

To illustrate his point, Robert Kennedy Jr. drew a lively comparison between America in the present day, the near future, and the situation of Nazi Germany.

He pointed out that during the height of Nazi Germany, a person had the chance to escape the total control of the dictatorial state.

RFK Jr. said, for instance, a person could escape through the Alps to reach Switzerland, or a person could conceal oneself in a hidden attic, as Anne Frank did.

However, unlike this horrifying, but still not fully totalitarian past, today’s reality is even more chilling, RFK said. He noted with the new mechanisms being put in place, “none of us can run” and “none of us can hide.”

Robert Kennedy Jr. then emphasized there will be 415,000 low-orbit satellites in five years. He quoted Bill Gates as saying his 65,000 satellites will be capable of locating “every single square inch” on Earth, non-stop.

RFK warned Americans while they still have freedoms now, as soon as the government imposes on them a vaccine passport, rights will be gone and replaced with privileges “contingent upon your obedience” to the “government dictates.”