New Polls Warn of a New Civil War in America

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe political divisions are rising in America, which can push the country into a new civil war.

This marks a failure of Biden’s so-called unity narrative, as he swore to bring Americans close to each other during his presidency.

Despite Biden’s repetitive assertions to reduce differences among Americans, he only managed to create more divide in the country.

Civil War to Erupt in America

According to the new polls of YouGov America, political divisions are skyrocketing in the United States. These divisions are creating ideological differences within Americans, ultimately paving the way for the next civil war.

Almost 66% of respondents in the survey noted the country has been splitting politically since the beginning of 2021.

Likewise, 63% of Americans stated social separation is likely to increase in the upcoming years. 62% asserted political violence would intensify in time to come.

As per the poll, only 8% of respondents believe Americans are less divided today, compared to the previous times.

Meanwhile, 14% of Americans claimed the country is highly likely to see a major civil war in the next ten years. In addition to that, 29% stated the civil war is “somewhat likely,” while only 11% noted the war would not happen at all in the next decade.

Voters of both political parties are worried about the next civil war. 54% of Republicans and 40% of Democrats suggested the civil war is either very likely or somehow likely in the next ten years.

Nearly 79% of Republicans believe political tensions and social divisions have increased since the beginning of Biden’s presidential term, while 59% of Democrats and 65% of Independents suggested the same.

Americans More Divided Under Biden’s Leadership

These disturbing statistics of a massive divide within America came under the tenure of the president, who pledged to unite the country under his leadership.

In his inauguration speech, Biden noted America could only move forward if its people denounce all of their differences to work together for the betterment of the nation.

Similarly, Biden claimed that he would take the nation out of the partisan crisis, which according to him, was created by former President Trump.

Whereas polls suggest the countrymen only got more divided since Biden assumed the presidency.

Even though Biden vowed to bring Americans together, he has tried to ignite more differences in people in his latest speeches. Recently, Biden slammed Trump supporters, adding they are bringing fascism to the United States.

Biden also tried to manipulate federal agencies against Republicans in his bid to create more differences in the country.

The FBI’s recent raid on Trump’s residence created partisan tensions in America, as GOP stakeholders believe the federal investigation watchdog is only persecuting Biden’s political rivals, while saving his son, Hunter Biden, from federal criminal investigations.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.