NBA Superstar LeBron James Exposed as Stooge of Communist China

In a particularly shameful revelation, basketball superstar LeBron James has been exposed as an avaricious lackey of the regime of Communist China.

James, who certainly isn’t short on cash, apparently had an outburst in defense of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Chinese communists.

He also did this in total disregard of the democratic rights and liberty of the people of Hong Kong, to which they are legally entitled.

Hong Kong’s Freedom vs. NBA’s Profits

Hong Kong is presently a special administration region of the People’s Republic of China, which has been ruled by hardcore communists since its establishment in 1949.

In the late 2010s, Chinese President Xi Jinping began stripping the people of Hong Kong of their rights and liberties, turning them into obedient communist slaves.

This led to massive street protests, which were expectedly met by the Xi regime with savage repressions of pro-democracy activists. Many of those have since ended up in Chinese communist prisons or abroad as political exiles.

Beijing’s communist crackdown on Hong Kong’s long cherished liberty and democracy has been met with the outrage of the Free World, except for a shameless few supporting Chinese totalitarianism, such as LeBron James, apparently.

The National Basketball Association itself, which used to be extremely popular in China, ended up at odds with the Beijing communists.

This was in 2019, at the height of the brutal crackdown on Hong Kong’s freedom fighters, when Daryl Morey, the then-general manager of the Houston Rockets, posted his now-famous tweet in support of the protesters.

The simple post sparked the fury of the murderous dictatorship in Beijing, leading them to threaten to cut off the NBA from the Chinese market.

The backlash from communists eventually forced Morey to backtrack on his tweet, which he deleted.

He then issued a statement of forced and quite shameful apologies for having stood up for liberty and democracy.


LeBron Worried About His Own Profits, Nothing Else

The entire “scandal” – as far as the Xi regime is concerned – caused irreparable damage to NBA’s reputation with the Chinese government.

Apparently, LeBron James took the side of the Beijing communists. He was really raging that the NBA and himself were getting cut off from the lucrative Chinese market.

James, while working on the “Space Jam” 2 movie, was “raging” before other NBA players that his film may never be released in China, a report by The Hollywood Reporter notes.

Eventually, James and other players went to China for games that did take place, keeping their mouths shut over the Hong Kong issue.

However, back in the US, James issued comments quite offensive to Morey and anybody else who had the valor and honor to stand in support of democracy and freedom for people of Hong Kong.

James shamefully ranted about how people who are “not educated” and who are “misinformed” about something have got to keep quiet.

He obviously had in mind his own opportunities to rake in more millions of dollars from the Chinese market.