Nationwide Protests Erupted After Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

As the US Supreme Court restricted abortion access by overturning Roe in the landmark Roe v. Wade case, thousands of pro-choice protesters are rallying across the country.

The protests are likely to accelerate over the weekend and have the potential to trigger far-left violence once again.

Supreme Court Decision Made Radical Left Emotional

Emotional protesters marched in different cities after the Supreme Court verdict, including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland.

During the protests, they carried a wide variety of posters with different slogans, including “We will rise up,” “ My Body, My choice,” and “Abortion Rights = Human Rights.”

Many pro-choice protesters expressed their disapproval verbally as well. One such demonstrator Mahayana Landowne, a resident of Brooklyn, came to protest with red hands symbolizing blood.

She stated the hands of the Supreme Court are painted with blood, due to their decisions to ban abortion and allow guns in the country.

A similar crowd marched in Los Angeles as well, chanting radical slogans all around.

Becca Waite, a protester in the crowd, stated she was “gutted,” adding many people are just not showing up at demonstrations, thinking this decision will not impact them, just because they live in a blue state.

A massive crowd also gathered at Manhattan’s Washington Square Park on Friday night. One cop indicated there were almost 17,000 people in the protest.

Some protesters accused Republicans of packing the court in order to get political gains.

The executive director of MoveOn, an anti-conservative group dedicated to a “progressive” future, Rahna Epting, claimed her group would hold “every Republican accountable” for curtailing abortion rights.

Likewise, a communist political organization, Democratic Socialists of America, stated the Supreme Court decision is “class warfare,” which cannot remain “unchallenged” on the streets.

Meanwhile, anti-abortion activists lauded the decision, calling it a historic day in modern-day America. Some of them even marched outside abortion clinics in different states to celebrate the verdict.

Woke Corporations are On the Roll Again

As police arrested some protesters who tried to cross the red line, woke corporations also stepped up to sponsor their employees who took part in demonstrations.

Patagonia Inc., an outdoor clothing brand, established the company would pay for the bail of their employees arrested during the protests.

The company also announced to pay for the food, travel, and residential expenses for its employees who want to seek abortion in blue states.

Meanwhile, New York Attorney General Letitia James urged people to become part of a “revolution.” She noted Americans who “demand justice,” not elected officials, made the “revolutions” of the past possible. 

The attorney general also requested charged crowds to vote out conservative lawmakers and the “radical right-wing Supreme Court” in order to protect abortion rights.

With the rising possibility of forthcoming violent protests, Washington D.C. police already deployed additional resources in order to keep far-left, violent elements off the streets.