National Sheriffs Association Slams the Biden Administration

Retail thefts are a serious issue in the United States. There is so much video evidence and data showing the rise of these crimes happening in different pockets across the nation.

The issue has gotten to be so dire that the White House has tried to distance itself from Democrats like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who openly downplay what is happening.

Days ago, the White House press secretary told America the Biden administration remains in communication with police departments to provide assistance. However, new remarks from the National Sheriffs Association seem to have proven the White House lied again, according to Fox News.

Feedback from the National Sheriff’s Association

On Wednesday, the National Sheriff’s Association set the record straight about the White House supposedly joining forces with local police departments. Per the group’s statement, local police departments and organizations have had to join forces by their own volition to stop retail crimes.

Shortly thereafter, the National Sheriff’s Association made it very clear this is not a process the federal government has been a part of. This statement reveals the Biden administration once again fibbed to make itself look better in the eyes of the American public.

In California, law enforcement is reporting zero assistance from the federal government. This is especially troublesome, seeing as San Francisco and Los Angeles are some of the cities being hit hardest by retail thefts.

A similar situation is also true for Chicago, Illinois. Despite heightened levels of this crime, the federal government has yet to step in and assist, despite what Psaki told the media.

A Persistent, Yet Troubling, Pattern

In the nearly 11 months the Biden administration has been in office, they’ve developed a pattern that should have all Americans on high alert.

This White House lies consistently in order to avoid awkward and uncomfortable situations. Surely, Psaki knew her remarks about the federal government stepping in and helping local communities were easily checkable.

Yet, the press secretary chose to lie anyway. Instead of trying to cover up the issues facing this nation, the Biden administration should be working on solutions.

It will not do the country any good for Psaki to stand in the press room and spew mistruths that she thinks sounds good. At the end of the day, people are suffering, businesses are yet again facing serious troubles, and none of this had to happen.

The Democrat Party has gotten to a point of causing problems, lying about these issues, and then hoping their lies will make the inevitable consequences go away.

What do you think about the National Sheriff’s Association putting the Biden administration on blast for lying about the federal government working to stop retail thefts?