Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Pleads Guilty in Drunk Driving Case

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, pleaded guilty to drunk driving and smashing his car under the influence to avoid a lengthy jail term.

Pelosi was arrested in May for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing injury with his vehicle; his blood alcohol level was over 0.8%.

Paul Pelosi Pleads Guilty

Under the compromised settlement, a Napa County court in California has given a five-day jail term to Pelosi. However, the judge, Joseph Solga, asserted Pelosi already served two days in jail, while he had the credit of two jail days, due to his good behavior.

Now, he is only required to spend one more day in jail, for which he will participate in an eight-hour-long work day program of the court.

On May 28, Pelosi smashed his 2021 Porsche into someone else’s 2014 SUV.

As the police arrived on the scene on a California highway, they found the House Speaker’s husband in the driving seat of the Porsche, which started trouble for Pelosi.

The police officers asked Pelosi for his identification, so he handed them his ID card and a membership card of 11-99 foundation.

This is a pro-police charity organization in California. Reportedly, the 11-99 foundation is looking to cancel Pelosi’s membership after the drunk driving case.

According to the complaint filed against Pelosi, he had red eyes and a strong odor of alcohol at the time of the accident; he was even unable to walk while under the influence of alcohol.

Initially, the jeep’s driver did not report any injury on the spot; both he and Pelosi denied immediate medical treatment.

Fox News claimed the jeep’s driver reported shoulder and neck pain later on, asserting he is also facing difficulty picking up things with his right hand.

Pelosi is on Probation

At the time of the verdict, Paul Pelosi was absent from the court; so he was represented by his attorney, Amanda Bevins.

As per the verdict, Pelosi has to participate in a three-month drunk driving program, a three-year mandatory probation period, and pay almost $1,900 in restitution fines.

Pelosi’s attorney previously claimed her client already paid $4,927.53 in restitution fines directly to the driver of the jeep.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not comment on her spouse’s arrest, claiming it is a private matter of her husband.

This is not the first time Paul Pelosi is making headlines due to his controversial behavior. He is a career stock trader and often involved in purchasing high-value stocks, allegedly by taking the inside information from his spouse, Nancy.

Recently, he came into the spotlight after pouring a staggering amount of money into semiconductor stocks just before the Senate vote for the CHIPS Act, which provided big subsidies to the semiconductors and chips industry.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.