Elon Musk Destroys Socialist Warren as ‘Senator Karen’

Senator Elizabeth Warren will likely be known as 'Senator Karen' from now on thanks to Elon Musk. (Shutterstock)

Democrat senators identifying as “socialists” have become particularly assertive in their attempts to slap more communist-style taxes to debilitate businesses, damage entrepreneurship, and crush innovation.

Senate Socialists Get Ever More Demanding

Leading proponents of ever-growing taxes imposed by the federal government have been key progressivist Democrat senators, such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders is, in fact, the original author of Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill. Its enormous price tag has been halved from $3.5 trillion to $1.75 trillion in order to make it “passable” in the Senate.

However, Sanders himself made it clear he originally intended the bill to be worth the mind-blowing figure of $6 trillion in taxpayer dollars.

The Socialist Democrats appear oblivious to the fact Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill passed in February contributed tremendously to the skyrocketing inflation, which in November reached its highest level in 39.5 years.

Inflation is expected to get a lot worse if Build Back Better gets passed, not to mention a bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill has also been adopted recently by Congress and signed into law by Biden.

Enter Elon Musk

Engineer and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, has been setting the Democrat socialists straight on Twitter for a while now. They have been insisting their proposed tax hikes are geared solely towards the hyper-rich.

On Tuesday, Musk did it again, this time completely “destroying” Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren. Musk was just announced by Time Magazine as its 2021 “Person of the Year,” which was immediately used by Warren to attack him on Twitter.

She tweeted the US should change its “rigged tax code” so the new “Person of the Year” would be paying his taxes and not mooching off everyone else.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is certain that Warren and the other Democrats have already spent the taxes that he is about to pay. (Shutterstock)

‘Senator Karen’ ‘Already Did’ It

Musk’s response was as quick and efficient as it was hilarious. He first tweeted, telling the Massachusetts socialist to stop projecting, as he linked a 2019 article exposing Warren’s claims she has Native American origin as a fraud.

The Tesla CEO, whose net worth is presently at about $265 billion, then explained Warren reminds him of the “angry Mom” of one of his childhood buddies, who randomly screamed at all sorts of people “for no reason.”

Musk then jokingly pleaded with the progressivist – whom he addressed as “Senator Karen” – not to “call the manager” on him.

The world’s wealthiest person, however, was on fire, and didn’t stop there. Musk added that Warren should open her eyes “for two seconds” so she can figure out this year, he will be paying more taxes than any single person in US history.

Musk kept going by tweeting to “Senator Karen” not to spend his taxes all at one time, adding immediately that, “oh wait” – she and the other Democrats already did.

Last month, Musk also took down Vermont’s socialist Bernie Sanders on Twitter. As Sanders was moaning the rich must pay “their fair share” of taxes, Musk responded that he “keeps overlooking” that Sanders is “even alive.”