Over 25,000 Russian Troops May Have Been Killed in Ukraine War

The number of Russian soldiers killed in action in their bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin’s sickening war in Ukraine may actually be higher than estimates by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

This is according to unverified information said to come from Ukrainian intelligence.

Putin’s Bloody Invasion Continues to Go Awry

Various estimates indicate up to one-third of Putin’s original invasion force may have been killed, wounded, or captured.

Russians recently left all regions in northern Ukraine that they occupied in their failed attempt to capture the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

According to the latest estimate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, as of Monday morning,  more than 19,500 Russian soldiers have been killed by Ukraine’s defenders.

However, information is coming out of Kyiv that the Russian losses in terms of manpower may be substantially higher than the 19,500 estimated presently by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

(Snapshot from social media footage from Russia’s war in Ukraine)


Russia’s Manpower Losses Could Be 20% Higher Than Ukraine Estimates

According to intelligence information of the Ukrainian services mentioned in Ukrainian media and by social media users, the Russian Minister of Defense accounts for over 25,000 Russian troops killed in Ukraine so far.

A Ukrainian military expert, Oleg Zhdanov, commented on Sunday in a YouTube interview there is no way to verify the figure in question.

However, he emphasized the figure of 25,000 Russians killed in Ukraine already is not implausible, and could very well be real.

This is considering the Russian Ministry of Defense would technically have the best knowledge of its troops and their condition.

The last official figure mentioned by Moscow was nearly 1,500 killed, but that was weeks ago, and universally agreed to have been a vast understatement.

In mid-March, an accidental leak on a Russian news site mentioned nearly 10,000 killed Russian troops in Putin’s Ukraine war.

A couple of weeks back, the US-led NATO alliance estimated between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine, with about twice as many wounded.

In his YouTube interview, Ukrainian military expert and reservist colonel Zhdanov also commented on reports that the Russian losses are roughly three times greater than the Ukrainians’ in terms of manpower and equipment.

In his words, this ratio, too, appears plausible, based on the available information about the course of the war.

On Monday afternoon local time, a new video emerged of an entire Russian tank column near the city of Donetsk, occupied by Putin’s proxies in the Donbas region since 2014, being destroyed in a large-scale ambush by Ukrainian forces.

The footage is reminiscent of videos from the earlier stages of the invasion when the Russians decided to thrust large tank columns wherever they could in Ukraine, only to see many, if not most of them, destroyed or damaged by the Ukrainian defenders.